Christin Parlor Soapy Massages For Women In Phuket – More then a Body Massage

A quite unforgettable experience. There were others similar and not so similar. but soapy massages for women in Phuket in very extraordinary and remediable in my life , Some other I have also enjoyed there like Leg Massage, Head Massage, Electric Chair Massage, Aroma Massage, Indonesian Massage, Thai Massage, Blind Massage, Bubble Massage, Swedish Massage (I even have a dim recollection of a Hungarian Massage) in parlors, in Temples, in the street, on the beach in places in Phuket .

The Oil soapy Massage is a completely a special experience. It never should be a once in a life time whole experience .I feel that It should be a daily treat wherever you go or live . For those in Phuket on holiday it surely is. Iron out the kinks in your body with a soapy massages at the spa centre with cost of 1,500 and 3,000 baht,. Choose from Swedish, Sport or traditional Thai massage and throw in a foot reflexology session while you are at it. Aromatherapy wraps, scrubs and facials are also available..

Why you should visit Christin Massage parlor ,Phuket, Thailand

The Soapy Massage is very much like it sounds. A massage with soap! At its most basic I suppose it could be compared with being given a bath by your mother when you were a tiny defenseless baby but the similarities begin and end at the same spot. Soapy massages for women in Phuket can be a very erotic experience.

Christin Massage Phuket will give you and Unforgettable soapy Massage Experience that you will never forget in your lifetime- if you miss it , you miss to kiss something special in your life.

Is soapy massages for women in Phuket for women only?

No it isn’t! Though it primarily is. The experience is open to all. Whatever your sex, you are the customer and client. You can decide how things will go, when to stop.. You have all choices and options here before start your massage to select your massager gender- if you are men you can select men or women as you want and for women its vice versa.

I have only had one Soapy Massage and that was at Christin Massage in Phuket in Thailand. It was great, a once in a lifetime experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

How to go to Christin Massage parlor

If you are in already in Phuket and want to go to Christin Massage parlor for your soapy massage then it is quiet easy to find this parlor . gSimple call a tuk tuk or a taxi driver and tell him to ride bu sound the name – they will take away there without asking any more question- for direct drive it will cost some extra .It is a giant purple building in the core of Patong. (Bangla road near this parlor is very renowned area which is a minute distance from this parlor- if any new taxi driver wants more information to locate this massage parlor simply tell him Bangla raod name-you can also walk down by following your right side of Rat Uthit Road which is heading south from the Rat-Uthit & Soi Bangla intersection)

Christine’s Massage Parlor
Hours for opening time : 2pm – 12 midnight
Telephone Phone: 076-340369
Address: 206 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pe-Road
What to do in Christin Massage parlor

The Soapy Massage Experience

The soapy massages for women in Phuket is not available everywhere to experience . It is more a city based operation and geared very much for the tourist industry. I can well imagine that idea originally came out of Japan as there are comparisons with the Japanese bathing routine.
There are some other soapy massages for women in Phuket at Pattaya and Bangkok also

You can call and book this service for soapy massages for women in Phuket . No need to leave hotel bedroom- simply dial to them or a mote in email is also fine with them. For soapy massages for women in Phuket has no hidden cost. They also offer differnt types of soapy massages for homosexual & couples.

The massage parlor is somewhat different to many that you will see in Thailand. It is a huge palatial type of building in comparison to many massage parlors you will see.

The client enters a Hotel type door and climbs a set of stairs and enters a small bar area. Here there are about a dozen tables, each with about four chairs where customers can relax over a drink. The tables face onto a huge glass window (known as the fish bowl) behind which sit a number of very attractive young ladies. They are spaced out, watching TV, chatting, putting on make up and appear very relaxed. They can all see whoever is looking at them very clearly. They smile. Each girl is well dressed in clothes of her choice and each wears a small numbered tag.

For the customer it is a bit like choosing a product at a supermarket. It may sound distasteful, tacky or sleazy even, but it isn’t at all. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed on both sides of the glass.

The customer makes his or her choice and gives the girls number to the supervisor. The supervisor is there to advise and assist with any special requests. This is noted down and a price quoted. I understand that prices range upwards from about 1,500-5,000 Thai Baht. The supervisor hands his note to the cashier and you hand over your money.

The massager appears and escorts you to a lift. The layout and design is very much like a hotel. Each girl has her own special room but I did note that design and layout are all very much the same.

The rooms are beautifully clean and furnished with setee, TV, music centre and a large double bed. This opens onto the massage area which is a sunken bath and tiled area on which lies a Lilo.In the room the girl asks you to sit on the setee and listen to music whilst she starts the bath running and generally readies things for the massage to come.

One everything is prepared you are asked to undress and so does she. My girl was called ‘Ong’, was as tall as myself, 25 years old and had a magnificent body. She was also a very friendly and talkative girl. I would have been happy to take her home to meet mother.

I was then requested to lie face down on the Lilo. She then covered me in warm very soapy water. Just that alone was a lovely feeling but it got better. She used her body to soap and ‘scrub’ me all over. Her body massaged every inch of mine. It wasn’t hands…it was body, bits of body. It would be so easy to say it was an erotic and sensual experience. It was…without a shadow of a doubt, but it was more, much more than that.

Back all done, then turn over and more of the same plus a feast for the eyes. It wasn’t smutty, it wasn’t dirty, it was a very clean, friendly and for lack of a better word a ‘loving’ experience. I was soaped everywhere…I mean everywhere. It was good, it was great.

Soaping over and we then climbed into the bath together. Here the massager washed me and massaged some more. A very supple young who managed to use bits of me in ways I had never really thought about before.

Then the bath was over. A quick warm shower. Crisp clean dry towels. Lovely.