Whitening teeth with activated charcoal

Whitening teeth with activated charcoal at home

Activated charcoal is a remedy that is often used in medicine. It can also be used for teeth whitening. However, before you begin teeth whitening with activated charcoal at home, you should carefully read the rules for using the product. Otherwise, instead of the desired effect, you can harm your teeth. How Activated Charcoal Works […]

harmful habits

5 most harmful habits for the skin

Harmful habits for the skin-¬†Purification, toning, moisturizing, protection from the sun … Even if you observe all these rituals more strictly than a Buddhist monk – a vow of chastity, this is not at all a guarantee of skin health. All because there are a few bad habits that cross out even the best care.

long hair

How to grow long hair?

“How fast to grow long hair?” – a question that often excites representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. And this is not surprising, because long, lush, shiny hair so well emphasize the subtle figure, and then, they are a beautiful decoration, gifted by nature itself. Simple rules for solving a complex problem.

best diets

How to lose 5 kg per week? The best diets

The best diets- If you want to lose 5 kg in a week, then you will have to work hard to achieve the long-awaited result and make your figure slimmer. Just note a few important points, firstly, five kilos may want slender girls who on holidays allowed themselves excess, and now diligently try to return […]

dyed hair

5 things you can not do with dyed hair

Dyed hair-Long gone are the times when hair dye was used only to mask gray hair. Today, with the help of color, you can emphasize the natural color and density of hair, create a special image or even completely “change the suit”, becoming a blonde from a brunette and vice versa. To hair always happy […]



Lethargy, increased anxiety, muscle reduction and alopecia are far from a complete list of symptoms that indicate a lack of testosterone. After all, this sex hormone has a significant effect on male physiology and libido.¬†Increase testosterone level can be by increasing the diet of certain foods. So, in front of you, TOP-5 best products to […]

popular diets

Popular Diets: Counting Calories

From extreme starvation to a rational mathematical approach through alimentary Ayurveda and especially popular diets – which only systems and diet regimens were not invented by people in pursuit of harmony, youth and success in the opposite sex. The Weekend project details the 10 most popular diets – with all the pluses, minuses and sobering […]