7 more ways to look younger

Do you want to beat the clock, when it comes to your appearance? There are lots of options for anyone who wants to look younger than the number of birthdays they have celebrated, without using expensive creams, or surgery. Image Credit Following the seven basic steps to looking younger, (sleeping well, avoiding cigarettes, using sunscreen, […]

New Research Validates Acupuncture in Pain Treatment Therapy

In a recent study appearing in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers summarized information from 29 different studies involving almost 18,000 adult pain sufferers. Their conclusion was that acupuncture is at least marginally more effective in relieving pain than either traditional pain-mitigation methods or placebo acupuncture treatments. Interestingly, they also discovered that even the placebo […]

Female Fertility Naturally

Ways of Increasing Female Fertility Naturally

For many couples, having a baby is among the most precious moments. However, some couples experience difficulties in conceiving and this makes them very worried. Even though many treatments for infertility are available, opting for natural methods is always better. This is because natural methods of increasing fertility are not expensive and they do not […]