face skin at home

Mask of gray clay for the face skin at home

Tucked away at the depth of the seabed, gray clay for the face has unique properties. In cosmetology, this valuable powder is a part of rejuvenating masks and creams. Regular use relieves swelling, age, and facial wrinkles, refreshes and tones. A natural preservative is also suitable for the care of a sensitive, thin epidermis. The […]

Folk Beauty Tips

Folk Beauty Tips – Skin Care

Folk Beauty Tips – Facial Skin Care. The core care for such skin. Humidification, moisturizing, and again moisturizing. If your skin is not wayward and does not yet require anti-aging care, provide it with just a satisfied tier of moisturizing.

long hair

How to grow long hair?

“How fast to grow long hair?” – a question that often excites representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. And this is not surprising, because long, lush, shiny hair so well emphasize the subtle figure, and then, they are a beautiful decoration, gifted by nature itself. Simple rules for solving a complex problem.

natural cosmetics

6 essential ingredients in natural cosmetics

Honey and aloe vera are some of the ingredients with more presence in natural cosmetics. The natural cosmetics is experiencing strong growth and more and more people decide to include ingredients from nature in your beauty routine. This has been revealed by a study carried out by the Birchbox company focused on the interest of […]