dry facial skin

How to treat dry facial skin

In addition to moisturize the skin with creams, to avoid having always dry, it is important to drink plenty of water, so as to nourish it from the inside. We recommend that you drink at least two liters a day. Dry skin is a frequent problem at any time of life. However, it presents more […]

perfect skin

The rules for perfect skin

The Decalogue to have a beautiful skin? Here we have tips for you: it is essential to give the skin personalized care, adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced way. So remember to also follow healthy diet! If you suffer from specific problems such as pimples, blemishes, redness, irritation and allergies, talk always and […]

How to Keep Your Hair and Skin Healthy During Winter

Winter is a wonderful season for warm fires but the lower humidity and colder temperature affects the condition of your hair and skin negatively. Winter thus poses a challenge to those who want to keep their skin and hair looking amazing during this period. However, you don’t have to worry because there are certain things […]

Top Natural Acne Treatments

Everyone agrees that dealing with acne is the worst! What really makes the whole thing unbearable is the amount of skincare products out there to choose from. Some are too harsh, some are too gentle, and others are too expensive. The biggest thing that bothers me is the harsh chemicals that are in most acne […]

dry skin of the face

How to care for dry skin of the face

Caring for dry skin Tips for dry skin care. Discover how to care for dry or shriveled skins maintaining proper moisture and good hydration. Did you know that there are different types of skin, whose care depends ultimately on its basic characteristics? We may find normal skin, dry skin with oily skin or combination skin. […]

Remove a stain

Remove a stain on the skin, mission impossible?

Remove a stain on the skin begins to see the cause that has occurred and applying an external treatment and, if necessary, another inmate. Different types of stain on the skin are due to changes in pigmentation. The following are some types or classes of spots on the skin and their causes and possible treatments […]