What causes bad breath?

Bad breath can make life really awkward. If you’re worried about the state of your breath then you’re probably losing confidence in social situations and in the workplace. There are loads of reasons why people may suffer from bad breath sometimes but don’t worry as the causes can be identified and helped. Here are some […]

Meditate Away Your Headache

1. Find a comfortable position – lying down or sitting either on the floor or in a straight-backed chair. If sitting, keep your back straight without being rigid and let your hands rest in your lap. If your feet don’t reach the floor, place a stool or books beneath them so that they rest on […]

How To Get Rid Of Morning Sickness

1. Eat something high in protein before going to bed. This helps your blood sugar stay more level. 2. Have sips of ice water as the urge to purge strikes. Many women say that this helps them keep meals down as well. 3. Avoid foods and smells that seem to trigger nausea. Sometimes this will […]

vitamin supplement

When taking vitamin supplements

If we decide to take vitamin supplements it is useful to know what are the advantages and disadvantages they have and how they can affect our health. What is a dietary supplement? Although usually appear in formats capsules, pills or syrups are not drugs. That does not mean that fix disorders of the body, but […]