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How to lose 5 kg per week? The best diets

The best diets- If you want to lose 5 kg in a week, then you will have to work hard to achieve the long-awaited result and make your figure slimmer. Just note a few important points, firstly, five kilos may want slender girls who on holidays allowed themselves excess, and now diligently try to return […]

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Popular Diets: Counting Calories

From extreme starvation to a rational mathematical approach through alimentary Ayurveda and especially popular diets – which only systems and diet regimens were not invented by people in pursuit of harmony, youth and success in the opposite sex. The Weekend project details the 10 most popular diets – with all the pluses, minuses and sobering […]

Detox and cleansing

Detox and cleansing the body of juices – Two beautiful myths!

The word “detox” produces a strong emotional impact on me, like every girl. Pure shining skin, healthy hair, a sense of lightness in the body – that’s what the producers of detox preparations and purification programs promise. So every six months I went through a magical ritual: a week on green juices and water. “I want it terribly, […]

leptin for weight loss

Why is it important leptin for weight loss?

One of the latest discoveries related to weight is the hormone leptin, which seems to have an important role in achieving weight loss. What is leptin? Leptin derived from the Greek word “Leptos” which means thin. It is a hormone discovered in 1994, also known as OB protein. Leptin is produced by fat cells, adipocytes. […]