dry facial skin

How to treat dry facial skin

In addition to moisturize the skin with creams, to avoid having always dry, it is important to drink plenty of water, so as to nourish it from the inside. We recommend that you drink at least two liters a day. Dry skin is a frequent problem at any time of life. However, it presents more […]

5 beauty tips every women should know

Standing right with confidence and believing in yourself are important aspects so that you feel good about yourself. After all, when radiating safety radiates beauty. However, every woman standing in front of a mirror can say that beauty secrets also count. Take note. To be beautiful you do not need the most expensive, the most complicated, nor the […]

dry skin of the face

How to care for dry skin of the face

Caring for dry skin Tips for dry skin care. Discover how to care for dry or shriveled skins maintaining proper moisture and good hydration. Did you know that there are different types of skin, whose care depends ultimately on its basic characteristics? We may find normal skin, dry skin with oily skin or combination skin. […]

dark circles

How to remove dark circles with natural remedies

Dark circles are today an aesthetic problem rather than health, this article gives tips that will help prevent and eliminate the annoying dark circles. What are dark circles? Dark circles are discoloration of the skin under the eyelids and may be constitutional. They look like a blue or dark brown stain on the eyelid area […]

Green Clay

Benefits of green clay mask

Make yourself a mask of green clay is quite simple and the truth is that the result is usually, in most cases, spectacular. Mask green clay is one of the clays that arouses more interest to both therapeutic level and at the cosmetic level but can use any good quality green clay. Benefits of green […]