Whitening teeth with activated charcoal

Whitening teeth with activated charcoal at home

Activated charcoal is a remedy that is often used in medicine. It can also be used for teeth whitening. However, before you begin teeth whitening with activated charcoal at home, you should carefully read the rules for using the product. Otherwise, instead of the desired effect, you can harm your teeth. How Activated Charcoal Works […]


10 natural remedies against cystitis

There are many women suffering from cystitis. Situations like pregnancy or inadequate nutrition are just two of many causes. In this article we propose some natural remedies to prevent and treat cystitis effectively and quickly without having to resort to traditional medications. The cystitis is in the form occasional or recurring. The latter is the most difficult to eliminate because it presents a […]

STIs develop resistance to antimicrobial treatments

A recent report in the Guardian highlighted the increasing problem of antibiotic resistance and the fact that this is now affecting treatments for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Image Credit Super-gonorrhoea The Guardian reported that the UK was the first place in the world to have someone diagnosed with a type of gonorrhoea that is resistant […]

What to Expect When Visiting a Sexual Health Clinic

STIs, or sexually transmitted infections, are an increasing problem. It is important with any STI to seek treatment as soon as possible before the infection creates long-term damage such as sterility, which can be almost impossible to reverse. STIs can happen to anyone, so if in doubt get to a clinic for testing. Image Credit […]

Drinking lots of water

Drinking lots of water helps you feel less pain

According to a recent study by a group of New Zealand university researchers, drinking a lot of water helps to feel less pain. The tests were performed on different subjects with different degrees of hydration: the results show that those who drink little water have a much lower threshold of pain than normal. Drinking lots of […]

A beautiful Sewing Bee

2013 saw the starting of the Great British Sewing Bee. A competition where amateur sewers met together and undertook a number of tasks over several weeks to see who would be crowned the winner. The initial couple of series were judged by May Martin and Patrick Grant before May left at the end of 2015 […]

arrhythmia of the heart

Cauterization in arrhythmia of the heart

What is ablation of the heart in arrhythmia? How to prepare for an operation on cauterization, a description of the method of conducting, as well as rehabilitation in the postoperative period. Often the violation of the boundary rates of the rhythm of the heartbeat is the initial symptom of arrhythmia. The impulse causing excess signals, provokes additional […]

energy boosters

5 energy boosters for an amazing working day

Have you ever wanted to be more cheerful at the end of the day than in the beginning? Would you like to stay on your feet from fatigue in the evenings? These cool energy stimulants will give you strength. Finish all the planned cases and not be completely exhausted – sounds a bit implausible, does not it? Imagine: […]