6 Tips for a perfect manicure

Hands are important element of our beauty and our personality: the care we give them can tell a lot of us. To have always beautiful and tidy hands, beauty center of manicure Sydney offers us beauty treatments and techniques that give nails a graceful and regular shape. If, however, for reasons of time or to save money, you want to make a perfect manicure at home, here are some useful tips for you.

Remove the old nail polish

As a first step, remove the enamel residues from the previous manicure from the nails. Choose a sweet acetone, trying to avoid those that contain aggressive substances that weaken the nails.

Wet a cotton ball with the product and apply it with a light pressure: the enamel will be easily eliminated. Avoid rubbing the nail from left to right so as not to stain your fingers.

Use the file to shape the nails

The file is the tool par excellence of the manicure because it allows you to shape your nails before starting to work on cuticles and other products. Preferably choose a cardboard file, the metal ones tend to weaken the nails.

To file correctly, perform the movement in only one direction, avoiding that movement back and forth that can ruin the nails. Give the shape you want to the nail by gently moving the file from the sides to the center.

Never Do: File the surface of the nails. In this way you eliminate the protective layer and the weakened.

Dip your hands in hot water

Hot water helps to relax your hands and soften cuticles, making it easier for you to eliminate them. Experts advise not to cut the cuticles, since they have a protective function on the nails and, moreover, by cutting them, they will grow harder.

Then remove those that adhere to the surface of the nail, by acting a couple of minutes the specific liquid and pushing them towards the bottom with an orange wooden stick.

Hydrate and apply a base

After you set your hands in warm water and removing cuticles, apply a cream moisturizer, without passing it on the nail surface. The oils of the creams can hinder the fixing of the enamel.

Before switching to the color, remember to use a good base to avoid the yellowish color of the nails and to make the surface smooth.

Apply the enamel

Choose the color you prefer; apply it starting from the center of the nail and proceeding towards the two sides. Give still two touches of color on the sides.

The ideal is to apply two layers, so that the color remains shiny and perfect. Wait until the first layer is dry before proceeding with the second. Avoid laying other layers because this way the enamel does not adhere properly to the nail and comes off more easily.

Finish with a hard enamel

For a perfect manicure, wait until the enamel is dry and finish with a drop of colorless hardener enamel: it will give a longer life and an extra touch of polish.


Hands and nails are exposed daily to a large number of factors that can compromise their health, yellow and unpleasant appearance. We therefore recommend that you renew your manicure once a week.

If your nails are brittle, you should avoid using an aggressive nail polish because it would make the problem worse. In this case, it is better to clean them and use a reinforcing product before passing the colored enamel.