How to prepare black mask with gelatin and activated charcoal

Mask with gelatin and activated charcoal – an effective tool in dealing with blackheads on the face. By the influence it exerts, it can very well be compared with expensive professional means. Only, in this case, there is no need to overpay, because all the ingredients required for its preparation can be found in the arsenal of each landlady.

How to prepare the skin

Hygienic facial cleansing is one of the most important procedures in preparing the skin for applying a gelatin mask. In other words, this is the usual steaming of the skin.

Here you can go the easier way and open the pores with the usual hot water. But get the maximum effect from the procedure will help decoctions of herbs like chamomile or nettle. They remove fatty plugs from the pores, and without this, the effectiveness of the gelatin mask is minimal. To prepare the skin for the face mask it is best to check the reviews of the face mask.

How to apply?

The effectiveness of the composition used depends largely on the correctness of its application. On this score, there are insignificant recommendations:

  • Pick up the hair under the kerchief.
  • Apply the gelatin-based formulation with a brush only to problem areas.
  • If the skin is sensitive, then only one part of the face is treated for such girls in one procedure.
  • For easy removal of the mask, the composition should be applied in several layers (4), the first should be the thinnest. As soon as it dries, it’s time to distribute the second and by analogy the following. Thanks to this method, the gelatin film will not break when removed.

Black mask with gelatin and activated charcoal

The mask effectively fights even with the most severe types of contaminants.


  • Gelatin – 20 g;
  • Fruit juice (orange, apple or carrot) – 250 ml;
  • Activated charcoal – 3 tablets.


  • Pour gelatin with warm juice, leave to swell.
  • Tablets of coal crush into powder, make a mask and carefully stir.

Attention! Make the composition suppler and elastic will help light moisturizer, which is to make a small amount in the already prepared base. Thanks to it the gelatinous mixture will evenly spread over the skin and will not dry up. Keep readingĀ

How correctly to remove the mask?

The effect of the procedure performed depends not only on the correct application but also on the removal of the mask. This will help the following tips:

  • Once the mask has solidified and stops in the film, carefully remove it, not trying to injure the skin.
  • Pick up the frozen composition with your fingernails and remove from the chin to your forehead.
  • To get the effect of the mask, you need to close the pores after removing it. Otherwise, conditions for re-contamination are created.
  • In this case, the person must be rinsed with cool water. A good result is rubbing a cube of ice obtained from herbal infusions. No less effective is the gruel from a fresh tomato.
  • Apply Aloe Vera gel or any nourishing cream suitable for skin type.

To obtain the maximum result between cleansing procedures, apply masks to narrow the pores. Then the skin condition is normalized and it will be protected from various problems in the future.

Attention! Removal of blackheads occurs in a non-contact way so that the skin is not injured and the risk of inflammation decreases.