Mask of gray clay for the face skin at home

Tucked away at the depth of the seabed, gray clay for the face has unique properties. In cosmetology, this valuable powder is a part of rejuvenating masks and creams. Regular use relieves swelling, age, and facial wrinkles, refreshes and tones. A natural preservative is also suitable for the care of a sensitive, thin epidermis. The origin of the natural remedy allows us to saturate the cells with minerals, strengthen the facial vessels.

Recipes for face masks from gray clay

The gentle structure of gray clay is ideal for the skin in cleansing and rejuvenating formulations. A natural remedy is effective both for caring for young and mature dermis. Harm is excluded even for sensitive, allergic manifestations of the epidermis. Sea clay does not clog pores, improves oxygen breathing. Before using any face mask we recommend you to check reviews.

Mask of gray clay from wrinkles

The result: stimulates the activation of metabolism in cells, provides a long-lasting effect of rejuvenation clay mask. A rich in minerals composition contributes to the correction of the oval, the improvement of facial symmetry.


  • 15 g. gray clay;

Preparation and method of application: remove the skin from the avocado, mix the blender with mashed potatoes and combine with cosmetic powder. Distribute a layer 2 mm thick on pre-steamed skin. Wash off after forty minutes from the beginning of the anti-aging procedure.

Mask of gray clay from acne

The result: cleanses and neutralizes the inflammation of the recipe with gray clay and tea tree oil. Effective for oily, problematic and porous skin.


  • 10 gr. gray clay;
  • 3-5 drops of essential oil of tea tree;
  • 5 g. flowers of calendula.

Preparation and method of application: dry marigolds to grind, add a gray powder and antiseptic oil. If there are no pustules, remove the epidermis with herbal compress, spread the therapeutic composition with a spatula. After ten minutes, you can wash with a concentrated infusion of hibiscus.

Mask for dry skin of the face

Result: stimulate increased secretion of glands, provide vitamins, acid-rich skin care recipes. Exfoliate, restore elasticity and turgor.


  • a spoon of gray clay;
  • A teaspoon of cocoa;
  • A teaspoon of borage oil.

Preparation and method of application: by mixing separately dry powders, add a little broth of thyme and African oil. Apply to smooth symmetrical movements on massage lines. The duration of the procedure is twenty / thirty minutes. Finish by washing the infusion of pomegranate crusts.

Cleansing Mask

Result: cleansing natural recipes bleach, narrow pores, soothe inflammation, and remove purulent formations. Apply the procedure is not more than three times a month to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and photopigments.


  • 10 gr. gray clay;
  • Activated Charcoal Tablet;
  • Essential oil of sage.

Preparation and method of application: diluted with warm broth sorbent, add gray clay and medicinal oil. Rasparivat skin tissues with a compress for three minutes, rubbing movements apply a cleaning composition. Wait ten or twelve minutes, wash with water with grapefruit.

Moisturizing Mask

The result: a lifting mask is effective for saturation with vitamins, mineral elements, restoration of the oval line. For a dehydrated dry epidermis, hold at least five / seven sessions.


  • 10 gr. gray clay;
  • 15 g. cream;
  • 5 ml retinol.

Preparation and method of application: in classic clay add classic cream and regenerating vitamin. After removing makeup, evenly distribute the spatula, starting from the chin smoothly upwards. After resting for a quarter of an hour, finish washing with the infusion of plantain.

Nourishing Mask

The result: restore the cell membranes, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, and smooth out the already existing ones, masks from gray clay. After 40 it is necessary to carry out caring procedures two / four times a month.


  • 1 tbsp. a spoon of gray clay;
  • A teaspoon of coconut oil;
  • Quail egg.

Preparation and method of application: in the melted fragrant oil, introduce gray powder and chilled egg. For uniformity, whip the mixer, apply with a plastic spoon, light driving movements. After twenty minutes of action, you need to wash off with lime tea. Keep readingĀ