Mask from activated charcoal for the face: Deep cleansing of the most contaminated skin

Activated charcoal is a drug that is known for its useful properties to everyone. It is absolutely safe, as it is a product of burning wood: pine, spruce, oak, poplar, birch and other species.

It is used both for the treatment of the stomach, and as a natural filter for water, and as a means for losing weight. And it’s time for him to move from the first-aid kit to the cosmetic bag because it can also have the most complex effect on the skin: a face mask with coal is the solution of almost 90% of all skin problems.

The use of activated charcoal for the skin

Preserving the natural properties of wood, which are very useful for the human body, activated charcoal passes them to the mask, into which it enters. Therefore, the effect of masks for a person with coal is so extensive:

  • The skin becomes not so fat;
  • Black dots disappear;
  • Heals inflammation (acne and acne);
  • The skin relief is noticeably smoothed out;
  • Activated charcoal for the face in the mask is capable of a deep cleansing of pores from contaminants.

Providing a complex, beneficial effect on the skin, a face mask with activated charcoal, despite its most unsightly appearance, can enhance the attractiveness of your face at any age. You can find the more beneficial effect of activated charcoal mask here.

Masks with coal: Rules for use

To have a home face mask with activated charcoal had the desired effect, follow a few simple rules for its application:

  • Do not use expired coal to prepare the mask: try to take only fresh.
  • Rare skin will respond to activated charcoal by an allergic reaction, but in order to avoid this annoying exception, the prepared face mask with coal is pre-checked on the wrist’s skin: no reaction – you can safely use.
  • Do the mask once a week for 6 weeks (1.5 months).
  • The next course of application of masks can begin in two months.
  • It is best to apply this mask to the steamed skin after a hot bath.

Uncomplicated in use, a face mask with coal at home is simple and easy to prepare. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the recipe.

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