Mask for acne with gelatin and activated charcoal: Forget about expensive means

Those who have oily problem skin know firsthand how difficult it is to take care of it. You have to spend a lot of money on expensive anti-inflammatory creams or cleansing procedures. And do you know that all this can replace the simplest mask with activated charcoal with gelatin?

Why does acne appear?

Sebaceous glands secrete a special fatty grease that protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment. For a number of reasons, internal or external, they begin to allocate greases more than necessary. As a result, the outflow ducts are clogged with surplus sebum.

By contacting with air, the fat is oxidized, in addition to its surface are collected particles of dust, cosmetics, dead epidermis. All this looks on the skin like black dots.

This not only spoils the appearance of the skin but also leads to the appearance of acne. After all, fat continues to be produced by the sebaceous gland, but it cannot go outside since it’s time to “close”. Collecting inside, it eventually becomes inflamed.

And now remember the property of gelatin. First, in a dilute state, it is liquid, able to penetrate wherever thick masks do not reach. Then it freezes, turning into a film that, when removed, pulls out all the “plugs” from the greasy channels and the dirt that accumulates on the face. We recommend you to check face mask reviews before using the mask.

Recipes for masks with gelatin with activated charcoal

Mask of gelatin and activated charcoal for acne is prepared very easily. In it you can add various ingredients, depending on what type of skin you have and what effect you want to achieve.


This mask gently, but deeply cleanses the pores of all the filth that has accumulated in them. Regularly applying it, very soon your face will become free from blackheads and black spots. For cooking, you will need gelatin, water, and activated charcoal.

Crush one tablet of activated charcoal to the state of powder and connect it with 5 tbsp. l. gelatin. Fill all 2-3 tbsp. l. clean water and leave the mixture for a few minutes. When the gelatin swells, heat it in a water bath or in a microwave for just a few seconds to dissolve everything.

Moistening and cleansing

If, in addition to the cleansing effect, you also need moisturizing the skin, then use the mask of acne with gelatin, milk and activated charcoal. It is well suited for combination and fading skin, and cooking is easier than ever.

Pour gelatin with milk in equal proportions and add two tablets of activated charcoal. Leave it until it swells, and then heat it to dissolve, and a liquid mixture is obtained.

Narrowing of pores

It happens that the pores on the face are greatly expanded, and this is an increased risk of getting into the mud and microbes. To clean and narrow them, use the following mask.

Connect for 1 tbsp. l. gelatin and milk or water and two tablets of activated charcoal. When it swells up, heat it up, and after cooling it, chicken protein is injected into it. You may also likeĀ