Recipe for preparing a gelatin mask with activated charcoal for blackheads

Blackheads refer to acne, not of the inflammatory course, but the fatty mixture that clogs the pores creates favorable conditions for the multiplication of various bacteria and viruses that trigger the onset of inflammatory processes, and this can lead to serious problems with skin health.

Black mask with activated charcoal and gelatin is a product with a glutinous consistency, due to which masks on its basis effectively cope with blackheads and regulate the work of the sebaceous glands. In its composition, there is collagen – a substance, with a deficiency of which the skin loses its elasticity and tone. Consequently, the regular application of the gelatin mask will purify the skin, give them freshness, youth and a healthy appearance.

Features of preparation

The preparation process consists of two stages: the first – obtaining the basis, the second – the introduction of additional ingredients. To perform the first stage, gelatin should be poured with warm water, milk or infusion of herbs, keeping the proportion 1:1. Stir the mixture and leave to swell. The duration of the procedure depends on the quality of the gelatin, on average it will be 30 minutes.

When the specified time has elapsed, install a container with the black mask base on the water bath. It promotes the complete dissolution of gelatin and activated charcoal. Ready mass strain through a sieve, and when it cools down and becomes warm, add additional ingredients, according to the recipe.

Attention! The gelatinous base (20 ml of water per 20 ml of gelatin) is the simplest face mask from black dots. We recommend you to check more about face mask for black dots here.

Black mask with activated carbon, aloe juice, and grapeseed oil

The composition is suitable for cleansing dry and irritated skin. To obtain it, combine the following ingredients

  • Activated carbon – 1 tablet;
  • Gelatin – 20 g;
  • Grape seed oil – 10 ml;
  • The juice of aloe – 20 ml.

How long should I keep?

When carrying out the cosmetic procedure, be at rest, do not talk and do not laugh. Skin and face muscles should be immovable. Wash off the black mask only after the gelatin and activated charcoal is completely dry. On average this is 20-30 minutes.

Masks made of activated charcoal and gelatin perfectly clean the skin. Among all the recipe you can identify compositions with gelatin – they are quite effective and remove not only dirt from the pores, but also remove particles of keratinized skin. The second place deserves a black mask made of clay, which by themselves cleans the skin well, together with activated charcoal give an excellent result. You may also likeĀ