Masks for blackheads with activated charcoal and gelatin

Often on the covers of magazines or in the movies, we meet women with a porcelain face. How do they do it? Really, to find a smooth, beautiful, smooth and radiant face, you need to regularly make cosmetic procedures? Not at all. To combat any problem, there are secret recipes that can surpass the expensive professional cosmetics. The best way to get rid of blackheads is simple, cheap, but such a useful activated charcoal.

Blackheads prevent living not only for adolescents but for adult men and women. The reason for the appearance of blackheads is associated with increased secretion of sebum due to inappropriate nutrition or hormonal changes in the body. Skin fat is discharged through the pores to the outside and, oxidized in the air, turns black. And if germs or bacteria get into the pores, they start to become inflamed, pimples and pustules appear, which cannot be squeezed out, especially with dirty hands. Let’s see how activated charcoal copes with such an unpleasant problem as blackheads. We recommend you to check activated charcoal for acne treatment here as well.

Advantages of activated charcoal

How is the activated charcoal used in medicine? True, it is an adsorbent that absorbs all unnecessary substances, contaminants, toxins. We take this drug inside to cleanse the body of negative effects and cope with poisoning. The principle of skin cleansing is the same. Mask with activated charcoal is applied to the skin, sucks out blockages, all dirt, and subcutaneous fat. Activated charcoal deeply cleanses the pores, allowing other components of the mask to act on a deeper level. Activated charcoal perfectly narrows the pores. Also, this medicine has a bactericidal property – coal disinfects the skin, which suppresses the development of inflammation. Consider some of the most effective masks from coal. Keep readingĀ

Mask made of activated charcoal and gelatin for blackheads


  • Teaspoon gelatin;
  • A tablespoon of milk (or water);
  • Activated Charcoal Tablet.

Preparing method:

  • Crush the coal to the state of powder.
  • Mix activated charcoal with gelatin and milk.
  • Put the mass for a few seconds in the microwave.

Before applying the mask, it is necessary to clean and steam the skin of the face. To do this, you can make an easy scrub out of any improvised means. If not, clean the face with a soft washcloth. Then, rinse the skin with the decoction of any medicinal herbs. If the pores are opened and the skin decays, the effect of the mask will be maximum. Apply a mask to clean skin. Before applying, make sure that it is not hot. We drive with the pads of the fingers mask into the problem areas, and then just cover them with a thin layer of mask.

After complete drying, remove the mask with a whole dried piece. In the liquid state, the mass penetrates deep into the pores, and after drying, you get it out from there, along with all the contaminants and hated blackheads. This wonderful tool has become a worthy alternative to cosmetic stripes from blackheads. After removing the mask, the skin should be anointed with a light cream.