Beach vacation: 5 rules from Mrs. Universe

The beach vacation is in full swing and on the streets of the city, you can already see the girls with a delicious tan. But if you’re just going on vacation – we’ll tell you how to get a beautiful tanned skin and keep the bronze color all year round.

How to get a beautiful and safe than 5 rules from Mrs. Universe 2 Model, singer, TV presenter, Mrs. Universe 2016 Olga Corner loves beach vacation and shared with us her secrets of velvety smooth tan. “I admire the great trendsetter, Coco Chanel. They say that it is thanks to her that among Europeans there was a popular beautiful velvet tan. And I’m sure of the beneficial effect of sunlight – it’s not only vitamin D, but also a good mood. But in order not to get absolutely the opposite result, it is necessary to gather for the beach with the mind “, – Ola Corner shared with us.

Do not deny yourself the opportunity to luxuriate in the sun, it’s important to just remember some important rules. How to get a beautiful tan and not to hurt your health – read the advice from Mrs. Universe.

Rules number #1: Preparing for the summer in advance beach vacation

advance beach vacation

Of course, many girls remember about the beach vacation and are assiduously preparing, exhausting themselves with diets and pieces of training in the gym. But I advise, in addition to training, also a little to energize your body with vitamins. Add more carrots to your diet. This is the main vegetable, which helps to achieve a smooth and beautiful tan. And of course, it is important to prepare the skin for sunbathing. And if you do not like carrots, or do not have the opportunity to eat it daily, there are special vitamins for sunbathing in the sun, which will prepare the skin for sun exposure, obtaining a beautiful, even and long tan. They are completely natural. Read more: Masks for blackheads with activated charcoal and gelatin

Rules number #2: Make a peeling

best beach vacation

A week before the holidays I recommend to do a whole body peeling. So the skin is easier to “take” a tan. Before going to the beach, I do not advise eating fat and spicy food – it will be difficult for a body that is overheated in the sun to absorb it. And of course, drink as much water as possible throughout the day. Read more: 6 emotions that you will have to experience before the wedding

Rules number# 3: At the right time in the right place

the beach vacation

It is better to sunbathe in the morning time of the day – before noon, and after 16 hours of the day. It is especially important to take this into account on the first day of vacation and not to shock the skin, let it get used to the active sun.

Also, many people advise choosing the right place to rest. For example, in May, when the sun is especially dangerous with ultraviolet radiation, it is better to go to Spain. “I love Greece and Cyprus and try to go here in June. At this time of year, the sea here is already quite warm, and the sun can not harm the skin, “Ola shares. And August is the best time for Mediterranean resorts, for example, in France or in Croatia.

Rules number #4: Sunscreen – your best friend!

Your most indispensable and loyal friend on the beach vacation is a sunscreen. This is the first thing to think about when going to the beach. To choose is better under a type of the skin and to pay attention to the factor of protection (SPF). The higher the indicator, the more effective the protection.

Apply the cream better half an hour before the release and do not forget to periodically update. Especially on the nose, forehead, chest, and shoulders. These are the most vulnerable areas, they need to be given special attention. We protect lips – do not forget the hygienic lipstick.

Rules number #5: Keep the royal tan for a long time

top beach vacation

After the sunburn, the skin becomes dry and can begin to peel off. “Immediately after sunbathing, I put coconut oil on my body. It is not only a wonderful hydration but also nutrition. And the skin gets a nice tasty smell, ” – to share the Miss Universe beach, Latham.

Also, you can use special products after sunburn, which soothe the skin and fix the tan. Refrain for a while from visiting the sauna and do not use a variety of body scrubs.

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