Homemade activated charcoal for face mask for deep cleanse

Activated charcoal is an incredibly useful product not only for health, but also for the beauty of skin and hair, which is why it has become increasingly common in cosmetics. What are the valuable properties of activated charcoal that boasts, and what is it so useful for hair and skin?

Despite the unprecedented simplicity of the chemical composition of activated charcoal (and it consists only of hydrogen, oxygen and hydrocharcoals), the combination of these simplest substances is able not only to free the skin of all kinds of pollution, but also to normalize the metabolic processes taking place in it. With regular use of masks with activated charcoal help:

  • Reduce the production of sebum and prevent the formation of leading to the appearance of acne, black spots and blackheads of sebaceous plugs.
  • It is essential to improve the condition of oily skin, eliminating unpleasant greasy shine.
  • Smooth the skin and even cut small wrinkles.
  • Block the foci of inflammation on the skin of the face and prevent their subsequent appearance (including in adolescents).
  • Eliminate black dots, as well as prevent their formation in the future.
  • Deeply clean the pores of all kinds of dirt.
  • To give the skin a healthy, smooth and beautiful color, relieving it of pallor and yellowing (in the absence of serious internal diseases).

Activated charcoal boasts not only high efficiency, but also a very long exposure to the skin. With a regular (about once a week or two weeks) cleaning of the face with this accessible to each remedy the skin condition improves at times, because it is not only cleared, but also gets rid of a wide variety of neoplasms like acne, black spots, acne, etc. And the breathing of skin cells is also much easier, as a result of which the skin gradually acquires a healthy and radiant appearance. You can find more info by reading activated charcoal for acne reviews.

Currently, not only face masks based on activated charcoal can be found on the market, but also soaps , peelings and all kinds of cleansers with its addition. Keep readingĀ http://www.skintuitionbeautytherapy.com/skin-head-becomes-dry-itching-constantly/

Home Face Mask for Activated Charcoal

Fresh tablets of activated charcoal must be crushed into powder and mixed with a small amount of water. And before you start cleaning the skin, the person is steamed with the help of a steam bath, in which various medicinal herbs (St. John’s wort, calendula, chamomile, etc.) are added. This approach will maximize the opening of the pores and take the maximum of the most useful substances from the mask, ensuring their penetration to a very impressive depth.

In order for the mixture to spread easily over the skin, it is thoroughly mixed and whipped – there should be no lumps in the mask. A ready-made mask is applied to the face for no more than ten minutes. If you hold it longer, the skin can get an unpleasant earthy shade, and getting rid of it will be quite problematic.

After ten minutes, the mask is washed off with warm water and a qualitative nourishing cream is applied to the skin – its effect will increase many times after such a procedure!