Checklist as a gift and tips for organizing wedding

Regardless of how large your organizing wedding will be, the organization will take a lot of time and effort. We have prepared for you a special Checklist – a free preparation plan for the organizing wedding. And they made a list of actions that must be taken in preparation for your most awaited celebration!

As soon as possible (one year before the organizing wedding)

tips for organizing wedding

  • Tell about the intention to marry relatives and friends
  • Select dates of registration and wedding
  • Book a church and make arrangements with a clergyman
  • Identify the format of celebrations
  • Start collecting ideas and suggestions
  • Approximately determine the budget and start saving money
  • Assign a bridesmaid or bridesmaids, a groom’s friends and find a wedding organizer
  • Discuss the distribution of tasks with the bridesmaids and friends of the groom
  • Create guest list
  • Create a list of possible vendor addresses
  • Explore the market, compare prices
  • Choose a place of celebration – restaurant, hotel, country house
  • Make a program for a wedding
  • Find musicians, presenter, photographer, radiographer
  • Choose a wedding car or at least decide on your preferences
  • Ask the most important guests to mark in their calendars the date of your wedding
  • Create a wedding folder where bills, contracts, and other documents will be stored
  • Create your wedding website using Zanuck. Read more: Fashionable photo zone for the wedding – 5 best design ideas

Six months before the organizing wedding

gift and tips for organizing wedding

  • Create a wishlist for guests using Zanuck
  • Reserve hotel rooms for guests
  • Create or order wedding invitations
  • Send wedding invitations
  • Choose and order a wedding cake
  • Choose the bride’s decorations and wedding dress and, if necessary, remake it
  • Sign up for the ceremony in the registry office
  • Discuss the time frame of the wedding ceremony
  • Prepare the documents necessary for the registration of marriage
  • Discuss the details of the wedding
  • Choose a suit and accessories for the groom
  • Choose clothes for the registry office
  • Find a restaurant, explore its menu or choose catering
  • Book a photographer, videographer car, etc.
  • Select engagement rings or create sketches
  • Begin to study the wedding dance
  • To plan a honeymoon – do you need vaccinations for travel?
  • Write a vacation application for a honeymoon
  • Calculate costs Read more: Gift for the wedding: 5 best ideas

3-4 months before the organizing wedding

organizing wedding

  • Discuss the entertainment program and the celebration of the ceremony with the master of ceremonies and suitors
  • Wedding Dress
  • Create or order menus, tables and thank you cards
  • Do you need a marriage contract? (Establishment of a notary)
  • Check wedding insurance
  • Think over the concept of a hen party and stag party
  • Compare current expenditures with the budget plan

2-3 months before the organizing wedding

  • Prepare clothes for the bridesmaids, friends of the groom and children if they participate in the ceremony
  • Finally, discuss with the restaurant or employees of the catering company all the details of the ceremony and decor
  • Order flower compositions for the participants of the ceremony, for the car, etc.
  • To order a bouquet of the bride and a boutonniere of the groom
  • Talk to the priest
  • Organize a snack for the guests after the registry office
  • If necessary, update the list of guests, contact those who have not yet responded
  • Gather and speak all the details with the organizer, assistants, and parents
  • Check insurance
  • Create a detailed daily preparation schedule for the wedding
  • Buy a guest book
  • Organize a baCharlottearty and a bachelor party
  • Develop a wedding program
  • Meet with the stylist and pick up a wedding hairstyle and makeup
  • To discuss the process of preparation with a stylish, pre-trim his hair and book his services for a wedding day
  • Visit the beautician
  • Arrange transportation for guests
  • Send the images you like to a photographer and a videographer they know what to aim for
  • Send musicians wishes for repertoire
  • Choose furniture for your wedding
  • Create a plan for boarding guests
  • Buy Wedding Rings
  • Write a wedding vow, practice
  • Think about all the movements on the wedding day
  • Organize a children’s playground at the wedding and, if necessary, caring for children during the honeymoon
  • Compare current expenditures with the budget plan

One week before the organizing wedding

Call again all contractors participating in the wedding to make sure that everything is in order and that everyone knows when and where they should be

  • To wear wedding shoes
  • Try to walk with a veil
  • Final fitting of wedding dress, accessories and wedding dress
  • Finally, discuss the details of the celebration with its participants
  • Tell the restaurant the exact number of guests
  • Visit the stylist
  • Prepare for the trip – pick up tickets, get foreign currency, confirm the hotel reservation, collect suitcases, prepare travel documents

The day before the organizing wedding

  • Get or check for rings
  • Check availability of necessary documents
  • Collect the wedding dress and leave it to wait in the morning
  • Pick up a wedding bag – it should have paper napkins and the necessary little things
  • If necessary, report the latest changes to contractors and participants in the ceremony

To collect an ambulance suitcase – to put spare stockings, handkerchiefs, refreshing towels, sewing products (a needle, thread, buttons), a comb, a lipstick, a deodorant, a perfume, a powder, a nail file, a foundation, a pill from a headache and all that you might need

After the organizing wedding

the organizing wedding

  • Set up celebration reports
  • Wash the wedding car and hand over to the landlord
  • Return rented decor items, etc.
  • Get wedding photos and create a wedding album
  • Send wedding photos to guests or post them on the wedding website
  • Calculate and finalize working relationships with contractors
  • Aside from storage items wedding wardrobe
  • Check documents
  • Withdraw money donated by guests through the Zayoung service
  • Check the expiration date and use gift certificates
  • Change the name and forget about it

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