Summer vacations in the city: 5 boring ideas than to take a child in the summer

Children are beginning to wait for summer vacations almost from the beginning of the school year. After all, vacations are fun! For them you need to have plenty of time to run into, play enough, swim, tan and necessarily learn something new. Than to occupy the kid if it is necessary to spend a vacation in the city? Of course, ideally, if there is an opportunity to send the child for the whole summer to the grandmother in the village, to the country house or to have a rest with the whole family on the sea coast. But, alas, this is not always the case. This does not mean that the little one should sit on 4 walls and be sad. Editorial site picked up for you some great ideas for summer holidays in the city.

Summer vacations: Summer language, thematic and sports camps

Summer vacations in the city

In any large city of Ukraine there are many courses of foreign languages, sports sections, and circles on interests: for example, photographs or robotics, dances or needlework. During the summer period, many of them organize day-care camps for children. Where kids learn something new, go on picnics, play and communicate. Ask in the section where the baby walks, or at the moms next door. Perhaps they themselves have signed up somewhere and you will be prompted from personal experience, where to turn. Read more: TOP-5 of the best European cities for gourmets

Master classes

a Summer vacations in the city

For the weekend, you can combine business with pleasure: rest and learn something new. In summer, often all sorts of “hand-made” festivals, fairs and master classes in the open air. Find out their schedule in your city and go along with the child. Regularly master classes of folk handicrafts, for example, are held in the National Open-air Museum “Pirogovo” in Kiev and the park “Kievan Rus” (Kopachiv), master classes and educational games take place in large shopping centers every weekend. Read more: 5 tips from famous women who inspire you to take care of yourself

What vacation without fun games in the water? And if you do not have the opportunity to go to a pond outside the city, you can arrange a swim right in its center. In Kiev, open-air swimming pools can, for example, be found at VDNKh, in the Hydropark and even on the roofs of some shopping centers.

Family picnics in the park

best Summer vacations

You can arrange a fun picnic for the whole day, without leaving the city. In many parks, there are all the conditions for this. Grab a picnic basket and a blanket from home. And if you get bored sitting on the spot, rent a bicycle.

Weekend Excursions

top Summer vacations

Do you adore traveling with the whole family and learning something new? Are you sure that you know your city well? Home country? Now there are many excursions to the day off – both one-day and overnight. They are not so expensive. Think about where you would like to go and go on a trip with the whole family.

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