TOP-5 of the best European cities for gourmets

Europe is a paradise for gourmets. Such “heavyweights” of culinary art like France, Italy, and Spain attract gourmets from all over the world, and the cuisine of these countries is one of the attractions of the European continent. But if you find yourself somewhere besides Paris or Rome, you will also be pleasantly surprised by the variety of local culinary masterpieces. We suggest you get acquainted with the top five best European cities for gourmets.

Best European cities for gourmets

Budapest, Hungarygourmets

The capital of Hungary is known among tourists by many things, but until recently, the food was not one of them. Hungarian dishes are traditionally rich and rather heavy, but a new wave of young and inventive masters of culinary arts is changing the situation. Read more: List of the most harmful products and most useful food

Nowadays in Budapest, tourists are happy to try old “favorites” like goulash and languish or experiment with not so famous, but not less tasty and unusual dishes, such as sweetly baked pasta (Csusza). Of course, in Hungary it is worth trying the main dishes – this is the famous goulash, pork roast (Brassoi apropecsenye) or burgers a la Budapest Modra, and for lovers of vegetables, echo is a mandatory item.

Must try: Do not forget to try to languish – it’s fried in oil flat cake from yeast dough, topped with cheese and sour cream. This Hungarian delicacy is available in most markets and is sold even at train stations.

Naples, Italygourmets

Italy is one of the most advanced culinary countries in the world, so it’s not surprising to see the Italian city on the gourmet list. But if you consider how much more Naples can offer tourists (especially when it comes to sights, culture and beautiful nature), then you can easily overlook your food addiction. Read more: Weaning at night: how and when to start

Modern pizza was invented here, so you will not find Margarita pizza cheaper or better anywhere in Italy (or even all over the world). It is rumored that this pizza was created especially for Queen Margarita and in the colors of the Italian flag.

Must try: you can not visit Naples and not try the legendary Margherita, a pizza made from fresh ingredients – basil, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. If you avoid the jaded tourist spots, it will cost such a delicious pizza no more than a few euros.

 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Not many people consider the Slovenian capital to be interesting for gourmets of high class. But thanks to delicious local dishes, several popular restaurants, and some interesting innovations, the situation begins to change.

Every Friday from mid-March to October, chefs from the city and the outskirts gather in the Central Market to demonstrate the best food from all over the country. You will find here a wide selection of traditional and modern delicacies, as well as freshly cooked before your eyes dishes at affordable prices.

Must try: One of the most famous local culinary “chips” – small sausages Kranjska klobasa. They are made of pork, garlic, salt, and pepper – nothing more, but how delicious! They are sold everywhere – in the markets, and in restaurants around the city.

Berlin, Germanygourmets

Berlin is famous for its eateries and inexpensive street food. But cheap food does not mean bad food. In Berlin cafes and canteens serve food for any purse and taste, and even here there is simply a huge selection of catering establishments. Whether you are looking for a hamburger at 2 am or where you can have a cup of delicious coffee – you will always find a cozy place. By the way, if you want to eat well and budget – pay attention to the Turkish institutions. In Berlin, there are enough Turks, and therefore to find Dürüm (something like a shawarma) or Lahmacun (twisted into a tube like a pizza) you can easily.

Must try: to go to Berlin and not try a burger – this is nonsense. In a well-known many and budget burger “Burgermeister” make delicious burgers from chopped cutlets, rolls, special sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickled cucumbers and onions. There can be many tourists in the institution, but it’s worth it.

Brussels, Belgiumgourmets

Brussels has a multicultural status and this could not but affect his kitchen. Culinary traditions of many countries are mixed and intertwined in this city. Therefore, during the visit, you can try as traditional Belgian dishes like the casserole Witfur, mussels and French fries (it was invented here). Also, there are about 600 French restaurants, there are Italian, Arab and Turkish establishments.

Must try: What you should definitely try in Belgium – it’s french fries, wafers, and chocolate. Wafers are especially good here – they are dense, from the buttery dough and granulated sugar, which when baked gives a caramel crust.

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