How to lose 5 kg per week? The best diets

The best diets- If you want to lose 5 kg in a week, then you will have to work hard to achieve the long-awaited result and make your figure slimmer. Just note a few important points, firstly, five kilos may want slender girls who on holidays allowed themselves excess, and now diligently try to return to the previous parameters in order to look perfect in their tight clothes. Secondly, before important solemn events, girls who weigh from 60 to 75 kg should lose weight in order to look slim in a smart dress. But to lose weight full of girls for a week is not recommended, if they want to throw off kilograms, then we need to switch to a permanent correct power system.

How to lose 5 kg per week?  The best dietsbest diets

Lose 5 kg per week quickly and you can pick up the best exercises for women. But as for the dietary diet, we will turn to the English traditions of nutrition. A diet that combines traditional English conservatism and self-discipline will necessarily lead to the necessary results. Read more: What it is, symptoms, causes, and types of Psoriasis skin disease

Lose 5 kg in a weekbest diets

The English diet allows you to lose 5 kg a week without harm, all because a varied diet is combined with the low caloric content of all dishes. The main emphasis is on moderate nutrition, and if you always eat according to this principle, slenderness can be maintained for many years. Read more: 10 symptoms that indicate possible thyroid problems

Diets in English are short and long, which last from twenty days to six months. The first day of the English diet is always unloading, and after it, there will be an alternation of vegetable and protein days – for two days.

The principle of the diet implies a complete rejection of salt, alcohol, flour, french fries, grapes, melons, sweet and dried fruits. So, for three weeks of the English diet, you can achieve a good result – minus 12 kilograms.

The diet should be respected, not replacing the products, only then you can talk about the result you want. Breakfast includes 300 ml of kefir, 50 g of black bread, lunch consists of 200 ml of kefir, and lunch is exactly the same as breakfast. Again, for a mid-morning snack, you can drink only 200 ml of kefir, dinner also allows you to drink 300 ml of kefir and eat 100 g of sea cabbage. Before going to bed, drink 200 ml of kefir. This is the menu of a fasting day, after which there will be two protein days.

For breakfast, you can drink coffee with milk, eat a piece of rye bread with butter and natural honey.

As a lunch, you can drink a glass of milk. For lunch, cook broth meat, you can eat 200 ml with 250 grams of boiled lean meat, you also need to eat 100 grams of vegetable salad, rye bread, drink green tea. For dinner, two boiled eggs are allowed.

Then follow two vegetable days, and for breakfast, you can eat half a kilogram of fruit, drink a glass of fruit juice. At lunch will be half a kilo of fresh vegetables and a glass of vegetable juice. Vegetable soup, the recipe of which is here, will be an ideal dinner. You can also prepare a vegetable stew without potatoes and fruit salad for dessert. Dinner will delight women because you can eat 700 grams of any fruit and drink a glass of fruit juice. These two days should be alternated the whole period of the diet, and you will see how the extra pounds will melt, and you will need to update the wardrobe.

You can also sit for a few days on a juice diet. The result will not keep you waiting if you sit on a juice diet for several days, so for breakfast, you will have freshly squeezed vegetable juice, it is made from carrots, celery, beets or potatoes. For lunch, you will have a full-fledged diet: steamed fish or boiled breast, stewed vegetables. The main dish should be served with a glass of fruit or vegetable drink, but you can also drink tea with honey, natural coffee. Vegetable juice will be for dinner.

This diet helps to increase immunity, reduces weight, improves skin condition and normalizes the digestive tract. Lose 5 kg per week recipes will help you, but the food can only be low-calorie foods. An emergency diet involves drinking a lot of water, green tea, and a day also 250 milk. This version of the diet for rapid weight loss does not involve fasting, it consists of large-fiber products.

For breakfast, you need to choose one of the options: 1) bread from bran, banana, apple, grapes (50 g); 2) boiled egg, bran bread, natural yogurt; 3) 2 slices of bread, a banana, to dissolve a spoonful of honey; 4) two wheat flat cakes, a glass of milk or orange juice, an apple. For lunch, there will be 200 grams of boiled potatoes in a uniform, to which you can add 100 g of homemade cheese, or 50 g of boiled chicken or lean ham, or a cabbage salad, or two boiled beans.

Dinner can be prepared according to two schemes: 100 grams of pasta and 100 grams of shrimp, tomatoes, garlic cloves, or 50 grams of boiled chicken with mushroom sauce, or 50 grams of ham. The second option for dinner is steamed fish, potatoes in a uniform, green vegetable salad. For dinner, you can add a banana, you can two small apples.

This diet also implies “fines”, because sometimes a woman can give a slack and, for example, drink a glass of dry white wine, or eat an extra banana, or afford a chocolate bar. After such weakness, you must either jump for 10 minutes on the rope, or do cleaning at home (washing floors burns 90 calories), or do 20 sit-ups.

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