Properties of Zinc Oxide for Skin an Unknown Wonder

Nowadays one of the most used products for skin care is zinc oxide; Despite being very little known, the results of its use are really incredible. So that you can wear a rejuvenated and revitalized skin, we invite you to learn about the different uses of zinc oxide ointment for the skin and all its benefits.

How to apply zinc oxide on the facezinc oxide

The zinc oxide ointment has managed to stand out as one of the best allies to protect the skin of the face. Thanks to the incredible properties it has, it is able to protect from sunlight, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, and lighten the skin.

For its application we recommend washing the face very well, to leave it free of impurities before the application of the zinc oxide cream. You just have to apply a bit of zinc oxide formula at night and let it act. Finally, remove the next day with plenty of water. In a short time, you will notice changes in the appearance of the skin of your face. Read more: 5 energy boosters for an amazing working day

What is zinc oxidezinc oxide

When we talk about what zinc oxide is, we refer to a chemical compound that is very helpful in dermatology. It is characterized by being a powder of white color and fine texture, which does not present any type of smell. In most cases, it is in the form of laser cream. Read more: Why do you need strength training?

Lassar paste plays a fundamental role in the care of the skin since it is able to treat certain conditions of the same because it contributes to cell development. In this way, laser cream directly influences the synthesis of collagen and protein.

Where to buy zinc oxide

The class ointment can be bought in pharmacies, stores selling beauty products, both physical and online. However, people have chosen to make a large part of their purchases through the Internet, because of the ease that generates them. That is, online stores are the best place to buy zinc oxide.

What does zinc oxide paste for?zinc oxide

Zinc oxide skin has various uses. Among the main ones, there are the following:

Retain the youthful look

Zinc oxide is a powerful mineral with effective anti-aging properties. Not only does it help keep your skin young by preventing multiple forms of sun damage such as dark spots and wrinkles, but it also accelerates the synthesis of collagen and new skin tissue. Collagen is the most important substance to guarantee the elasticity and youthful appearance of the skin. Collagen is produced naturally by our body, but it can only be synthesized with the help of zinc and other essential minerals. In addition, as we get older, the production of collagen will continue to decline. Zinc oxide helps accelerate the process of reconstruction and repair of connective tissues.

Sun protection

Zinc oxide as a sunscreen is able to protect the skin from the fearsome UV rays, managing to prevent premature aging of the dermis, tissue damage, and dehydration.

Nowadays, zinc oxide is added to many more products for skin care beyond sunscreens. It is also an ingredient in lotions or beauty bases that include mineral makeup, concealers, moisturizers, BB creams and anti-aging formulas.

Do you wonder how effective zinc oxide products are in repelling the sun?

zinc oxide

Some of the best sunscreens that contain zinc oxide currently available have similar effects to chemicals, however, they use multiple substances to provide broad-spectrum protection.

The reliability and strength with which a product prevents burns will depend on the amount of zinc oxide used in the formula. The percentages of zinc oxide vary widely, and the final percentage will determine the products specified as “SPF” level.

In sunscreens, the percentages of zinc oxide are generally around 25 to 30 percent.

In products such as makeup, including foundation, BB creams, and facial moisturizers, the percentage (and therefore the coverage) is usually less than 10 to 19 percent.

The less zinc oxide is used, the shorter the window of time it protects. Therefore, SPF 15 will last less time than SPF 30, than the one that contains more zinc.

Personal hygiene

The bad smell on the feet can be eliminated with laser ointment. This is because it prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi in that part of the body. In addition to closing the pores, and decrease the appearance of excessive sweating that is generated in the feet.

Something similar happens with the armpits; that is why it is also used in that area. It’s all thanks to the wonderful properties of zinc oxide.

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