Detox and cleansing the body of juices – Two beautiful myths!

The word “detox” produces a strong emotional impact on me, like every girl. Pure shining skin, healthy hair, a sense of lightness in the body – that’s what the producers of detox preparations and purification programs promise. So every six months I went through a magical ritual: a week on green juices and water. “I want it terribly, but the result is worth it,” I thought. The article of American nutritionists and scientists dethroned my hopes. But she prompted another way to an excellent state of health.

Preparations, magic teas and ready-made cocktails for detox

What do we promise?

  • The drug contains a full range of essential substances and magical extracts of rare berries and plants that absorb and remove toxins from the body;
  • You lose weight and feel great, making the least effort. And sometimes – even without changing the usual diet.

What we get?

  • Most drugs do not determine what exactly is meant by “toxins”, on the purification of which organ they are directed.
Detox and cleansing
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Cleaning the body of juices

If to detox-preparations many concern with mistrust, then purification by juices is attacked on the spot. After all, freshly squeezed juices from apples, grapes, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and greens are very useful, we all know this. And if you only drink them for a whole week, then the result simply can not help but be. And he will, do not doubt. But which one?

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What do we promise?

  • we lose weight through detoxification;
  • the organism receives a full complex of necessary substances: minerals, vitamins, “structured” water.

What we get?

  • We lose weight because of the diuretic effect, which is exerted by juices, a strong calorie deficit and depletion of the body without proteins and fats in the diet. Once you drop the glass with the juice and return to the usual soups and meat, the weight will return;
  • Another confirmation of the fact that the body is depleted: during detox it is forbidden to exercise, because this can lead to deterioration of well-being, and in some cases – loss of consciousness;
  • Pressing fruits and vegetables only juice, we do not get fiber. As a consequence – the intestine does not cope with the load. The result of the detox is in doubt;
  • In a few days, incredibly like sweet and we increase the portion of fruit juices. As a result – increased amounts of fructose, jumps in blood sugar levels and serious problems for people prone to diabetes.

Alternative (and, in combination, the only) way to cleanse the body

The fact that juices and magic preparations do not work does not mean that there is no way to purify the body and make it healthier. You need to “reset” your diet. How?

  • We change the basis of the diet: it should be products with minimal processing, mainly – of plant origin;
  • Supplement the basis of the correct fats: vegetable oils, fatty fish. And we add quality low-fat protein: turkey fillets, beef and lean pork, low-fat cottage cheese and seafood;
  • Purify the body with water. Every day we drink up to 2 liters of clean water. If after a corporate holiday and we feel discomfort, you can spend 1-2 days only on the water.