Why do you need strength training?

Doing sports is probably the most effective way to change not only your physical form, but also to put your mental state in order.

Every day, we all need this or that degree of physical activity. But often because of the banal laziness or work that you have to sit all day, many of us do not get it to the fullest. As a result, hypodynamia may occur, which leads to weakening of the muscles of the whole organism and, as a result, to more deplorable results.

But even lovers of good physical shape do not always consider it necessary to subject themselves to power training. Especially when it comes to the beautiful half of humanity. After all, not many women are ready to have a pile of muscles and look like “rolling”. Is this really so, let’s look at this article.

What is strength training?

All power loads involve exercises with weight retention and maximum involvement in the muscles of the human body. As a result, muscle mass is increased and burning of subcutaneous fat occurs.

Training can be carried out with the help of rods, various dumbbells, but also on simulators. And push-ups, various types of sit-ups and lunges make it possible to exercise using the weight of your own body.

As a result, you set the goal of these exercises yourself. If, for example, you want to focus on the hips, so they look beautiful and fit – without strength training you cannot do. If you have a pear-shaped figure, you will have to work on reducing the volume of the buttocks and thighs and at the same time increasing the shoulders. And then only strength exercises can help you.

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Advantages of such training

Many believe that this type of training is not so important, as, for example, cardio-operations. Therefore, to be always in shape, choose aerobics classes or, say, running. We are used to “dragging iron” – this is a purely male occupation.

But contrary to the established opinion, such training is needed in an equal measure, both for men and for women. You ask: why do you need gentle creatures? The studies carried out in this field indicate that all forces are needed for the force. Naturally, their degree and periodicity must be based on the needs and conditions of each human body individually.

Strength training has a positive effect …

  • On your strength and endurance;
  • On the muscles;
  • To reduce body weight;
  • On posture;
  • On the work of the brain.

Strength exercises make you stronger, and the body is more beautiful!

One of the most obvious results of the program of these exercises is the increase in your physical strength and endurance. You will realize that you are physically stronger and now you can calmly raise a child in your arms or carry heavy bags of food without feeling a heavy burden in your hands and not suffering from muscle pain the next day. Everyday cares will be easily overcome by you without feeling tired.

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The effect of muscle strength training

Doing sports help to fight with extra pounds. Nevertheless, people with insignificant muscle mass are hard to keep the required result. It is the muscles of the human body that can burn the lion’s share of the calories we consume.

Cardio, yoga or other types of training, although they have a number of advantages, but are not able to increase muscle mass.

Moderate strength training allows you to build muscle, but not to such an extent that the figure of a woman could acquire a male outline. In women, because of the hormonal characteristics, the fat mass predominates over the muscular mass. And thanks to the hormonal background, the girls, in order to have the appearance of “rolling”, one strength training will not be enough.

Even men need to exert a lot of effort in order to build up “mountains” of muscles. In addition to intensive training, special food and various food supplements are also needed.

I would also like to note that when doing power exercises, do not ignore cardio training. It is not right to believe that they will ruin all your efforts to build muscle. With a non-intensive cardio, the muscle mass will not burn. Aerobic loads will only supplement the power and will help increase your endurance and performance, and accelerate metabolism in the body and make the heart muscle stronger.

Cardio is best dealt with separately at another time, about 30-40 minutes or on the day of the main workout, or rather, immediately after it in 20 minutes. This will make it possible to purify the body of substances from disintegration after the force load and stimulate tissue repair.

Weight loss as a result of weight training

This type of sports activities, in contrast to cardio loads, does not allow burning a large number of calories. But, despite this, it is after these exercises that the human body is able to vigorously fight the fatty deposits. Even for three days after classes, our body burns calories intensely. Thus, strength training together with a balanced diet are the best way to save yourself from extra pounds. In addition, muscle building helps increase metabolism, which also provides an additional opportunity to fight with subcutaneous fat.

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Effects of strength exercises on posture

Incorrect posture can have a number of consequences …

  • Frequent headaches;
  • Aches in the back and neck;
  • Pathology of internal organs;
  • Change the shape of the face.

A competently selected set of strength exercises helps to strengthen the muscular corset and, thus, will save you from stoop. Posture will be straight and more slender, and the appearance is more attractive.

More than half of the causes of depressive states are somehow connected with insecurity and dissatisfaction with one’s own appearance. Therefore, visits to the gym directly affect the improvement of psychological health.

It is necessary to note the beneficial effect of strength training on bone density.

The use of force loads for the brain

Physical activity is no less important for our brain than for the brain. Sports activities contribute to the renewal of brain cells and have a positive effect on its structure. Two strength training per week is enough for our brain to function better.

Thus, it is possible to say with full confidence that strength training is useful for both men and women. They not only provide an opportunity to maintain the body in excellent shape, but also enhance metabolism, improve the functioning of the brain, form a correct posture and a magnificent figure.