Smoothie’s benefits: 15 reasons why you are required to drink them every day

Fresh, freshly made smoothies from vegetables and fruits – a symbol of sunny days. But these are trifles compared to the benefits that these green cocktails bring.

Many celebrities do not trust them in vain. And increasingly photographed for fashion magazines with these incredible drinks.

Of course, it would seem, everything is easy and simple. But, if you are a beginner, let’s talk about everything in order.

Do you want to start making green smoothies? Then boldly – push, hinder, cut!

We often think that when we use ready-made juices bought in stores or a light cocktail in a restaurant, it’s useful.

No, of course, it’s delicious, but it’s often not necessary to say a word about usefulness. Moreover, many of them carry a lot of harmful energy value.

And you, observing a healthy diet regime, become hostages of this situation. You never take into account the calories that come to us from different juices and drinks.

Although I’m not a supporter of counting calories. After eating properly, you do not need to do this at all.

So when you know how to make green smoothies correctly and do it often, you will get a lot of usefulness.

I think it’s very correctly noticed. And what do you think?

The benefits of smoothies

If you are a beginner, then let us, apart from the benefit, also analyze some rules of preparation and use.

But, let’s start with the definition …

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What is smoothies?

Smoothies are a dense mixture of vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, dried fruits (not all at once, of course, but depending on your goals and mood), blended in a blender.

Unlike juices, it keeps everything that is good in the ingredients: fiber, vitamins, taste and texture of foods. This is definitely full-fledged food. Therefore, it is important that your glass has the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

The benefits of green cocktails

Look carefully at all the facts below and find out what are the benefits of smoothies. After that, it seems you can not resist.

Honestly, I admit, we love them very much, we do a lot and they help us not only to keep ourselves in shape, but also solve many of our health problems. For example, this is one of the good ways to strengthen the health of your intestines.

But okay, let’s get on the points …

1. Get your daytime norm of fruits and vegetables

Consuming a sufficient amount that is recommended by nutritionists, fruits and vegetables can be a problem.

But by mixing a few servings of each of them into a beautiful cocktail, you will get what you need. Green smoothies will satisfy your daily need for this with ease.

2. Smoothies – it’s quick and easy

Creating your own, nutrient-filled cocktail does not take long. This is really easier than preparing and preparing most dishes. This gives you more time for other things.

This is especially true in the morning. Is not it? …

Taking smoothies for breakfast, you can easily save 20 minutes for fees or for morning meditation.

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3. Smoothies for children

How to teach your children to eat healthy food? Easily…

Fortunately, most children love the taste of this creamy mashed potatoes. It has a natural taste, sweetened with fruit or a healthy sweetener: honey, maple syrup or stevia.

You can even hide some vegetables in smoothies that the child will not notice, for example, spinach.

4. Smoothies for losing weight

There are a number of weight loss programs that say you need less to eat. The same low-calorie diet, which is not quite healthy for many of you. Therefore, it is better to eat bigger and healthier.

Provide your body with a lot of vitamins and minerals, necessary for its proper work, with the help of smoothies. If you make them do them right, you will notice how quickly and easily you lose your extra pounds.

Lose weight for you will not be a problem. You will see a new self.

5. Smoothies for digestion

I know it’s hard for many of you, but constipation or upset stomach occurs in most people.

To solve this problem, throw more greens into your blender and mix all the ingredients. Give your digestive system the most valuable thing that it needs: vitamins, fibers and so on. Smoothies will quickly contribute to excellent digestion.

6. Smoothies for detox

Our modern world is simply overcrowded with harmful substances. They are literally everywhere. We are subject to them and they bombard us with all kinds of artificial chemicals. They settle in us and kill us.

In this situation, you should not only rest the digestive system, but also try to clean it. It is the detox diet and green smoothies that contribute to this in full.

You only need to add a few ingredients for detox: dandelion, cabbage kale, coriander, parsley and many other green leafy vegetables.

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7. Help in building muscle mass

If you can provide your body with nutrients, you can not only cleanse and lose weight, but also build up your muscles.

These drinks are well suited to succeed at sporting events, and also to restore muscles, having nourished their usefulness. After training, you may be too tired, and smoothies will easily fill you with everything you need.

8. Improve health

If they help cleanse, improve some functions in the body and even build up a lot, then they can be called an elixir of health. And you will not be mistaken if you say so.

Consuming smoothies every day, you will fill yourself with all the necessary substances and elements. After all, you can do more fatty smoothies to fill yourself with useful fats. You can add more flax seeds or sesame seeds and get a new taste and even more good.

In general, they are magnificent.

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9. They will help look more beautiful and younger

Smoothies are simply created to make your skin shine, and your hair and nails get stronger. Constantly supplying vitamins and minerals to your body, you will automatically improve the health of your hair and achieve a smooth skin.

10. You will quickly learn to eat healthy

Df, it’s smoothies that push many to start eating healthy. Heard that there is a diet based on smoothies?

Now? it not only helps to lose weight. If you approach it with a head and start to study some foods and dietary rules, you will see how strong you are in the matter of healthy nutrition.

You will begin to bring up This will allow you to make more informed decisions when the blender is not around. You will be more confident in your choice of food.

11. Strengthen your immune system

Do you often get sick? … If yes, make yourself smoothies.

Starting to use smoothies tomorrow, in a month or two your body will become more resistant to viruses and various poisons that clog up the body. You will always be in good shape and the body will always be ready to resist the diseases.

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12. Improve sleep

Improving your health together with the consumption of healthy foods in cocktails will help and improve the quality of your sleep.

You will fully rest, leaving stress in the past.

13. Increase energy

Supplying your body with enough quantity, and most importantly quality fuel is one of the most difficult tasks for the majority. Therefore, it is recommended to include more healthy foods that are rich in green cocktails.

Get rid of the wrong fuel: gluten, sugar and so on.

14. Reduce cravings for sweets

Many suffer from the fact that they are infected with this terrible dependence on the sweet. But without the sweet one, too. After all, the same work of the brain depends on it. But you can start supplying the right sweet foods to your brain and not just to him.

This will even allow you to lose weight even faster and more correctly.

15. Smoothies are good for brain work

Give your brain all the vitamins and nutrients needed to improve your mental state, attention and memory.

As we have already seen, he needs both fat and sweet. Provide it with full correct food and a glass of smoothies from the very morning, for example.

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How to Make Smoothies

The rules are as follows …

  1. More green! Cucumbers, celery, spinach, parsley, basil, mint, lettuce – the main players in smoothies, which provide him a beautiful bright color, and you – a generous dose of vitamins, fiber, minerals.
  2. For smoothies to become oneself, a foundation is needed that will give volume and plasticity. With this role can perfectly handle banana, avocado, mango, pear – and the options combinations with them a great many.
  3. Do not forget about protein: add to the mixture or dairy products like drinking yogurt (perfectly combined with berries and fruits, but not particularly – with vegetables and herbs), or vegetable protein. Ground nuts, tofu, seeds, chia – just what you need. Do not recommend adding dairy products. And especially this applies to those who purify their body.
  4. Smoothies do not have to be homogeneous, like mashed potatoes: try different blender modes and find out which texture – with pieces or very homogenized – like you more. Adjust the density to your liking also with water or another liquid that you use as a base.
  5. Sahara, at least refined, does not belong in useful food. It’s enough that you take sweet mangoes, pears or bananas as a basis. If you still want a more dessert taste, you can add a spoonful of honey, maple syrup or dried fruit.


Specialists of the American NSF International Foundation, concerned with public health problems, having passed through the homes of citizens, found that the blender is perhaps the most domesticated appliance in the kitchen.

Fungi, E. coli, Salmonella – this friendly company feels great under the rubber parts of the device. To deprive them of their residence permit is simple: do not be lazy to disassemble the device before you wash it well.

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How to drink smoothies

And now take yourself a few simple tips on how to properly use green smoothies …

  1. And vegetable, fruit juices and cocktails are better to drink in the morning – for example, as a second breakfast or a snack. Actually, their goal is to energize you, speed up your metabolism, and improve your mood. But not necessarily, there are those that are recommended in the evening, 2-3 hours before bedtime, like any meal.
  2. Concentrated squeezes from vegetables and fruits – a shock dose of vitamins and trace elements, and still a very high-calorie thing. Therefore, 400 grams a day a person who is not burdened with excess weight, for the eyes is enough. If the mixture is sweet – half as much.
  3. Vitamins are destroyed in the light and on contact with oxygen, so do not delay tasting fresh for a second!
  4. Freshly squeezed juice with pulp is always better than liquid in its pure form: why throw away the fiber, which is so useful and ensures that you will not soon be hungry? So many say.

So, I think you understand that green fresh juices and smoothies are a real find for everyone. It is a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. Using them you should know for sure that this is a full meal, like lunch, dinner and breakfast. Therefore, they can always be consumed if you are on a diet.

Yes, they are perfect for those who are on a diet, who is taking a course of cleansing the body, who are looking for healthy recipes or a way to recover from illness, surgery. You can drink them before or after your workouts.


It can be said that this is still briefly about the benefits of smoothies. You simply have to include a green cocktail in your diet: it’s a source of energy and a natural healer, and for some, even a figure corrector.

When preparing cocktails try to show more creativity. Try to make smoothies with oatmeal or other interesting ingredients.

Well, of course, limit your drinks from any purchased yogurt with different tastes. Also do not add purchased juices as a liquid. Use all natural if you want to cook a healthy green smoothie for weight loss or body cleansing.