Netball tournament raises money for cancer charity

The Brown Dog Charity netball event has raised an impressive sum for a cancer ward at the Leicester Royal Infirmary Hospital. The event raised £3,200, which will be used to purchase two ultrasound machines, one of which will be used in the children’s ward. These machines will aid the treatment of cancer patients at the hospital.

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Brown Dog Charity

The Burton Netball League holds an annual netball event to raise money for the Brown Dog Charity. This year’s event was one of the biggest so far, with the money raised in just one day. The competition included 18 teams of mixed gender and varying ability levels and the winner of the event this year was the team from Saffron Catering, which also sponsored of the event.

The money raised from the netball event has enabled Brown Dog Charity to reach a milestone of £500,000 since its founding in 2003 by Mark Storer. The ultrasound machines bought with the money raised will be used in the cancer wards of Leicester Royal Infirmary Hospital to help treat patients suffering from myeloma, lymphoma and leukaemia.

Sponsored sports events are a great way to raise money for charity. From small local events such as the Burton Netball League event to larger national events such as Sport Relief, a huge amount of money can be raised to help worthy causes.

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Netball training

Netball is a fantastic participatory sport for all ability levels and is ideal for playing in a charity sports event. If players are planning a charity event and want to brush up on their skills before taking to the court, there are many ways to improve. Using a netball drill video, available from resources such as, lets you watch training methods and explore tactics. Videos can help players to develop their skills in shooting, passing, positioning and intercepting the ball

Other ways to ensure you are ready for any sports charity event include making sure you have the right equipment and sports kit. Wearing the appropriate clothing can make all the difference between winning and losing. Being comfortable in your sports clothes and trainers means you can concentrate on the game without being distracted. With the right preparation, training, clothing and equipment, players can play their best and help to raise more money for their charity.