Hypertension: Causes and long-term effects

The hypertension is a disease in which the blood pressure level, on several occasions of the day, is higher than the normal values.

This is a very common condition in Western countries and it is crucial to treat it in good time to avoid the development of dangerous complications.

The causes of hypertension

Numerous studies have been carried out on hypertension as it is a phenomenon that affects more and more people.

The causes of hypertension can be very varied including …

  • Genetic factors (heredity and ethnicity),
  • Feeding (in particular the consumption of salt and alcohol is fundamental),
  • Presence of other diseases such as diabetes mellitus (high levels of blood glucose damage the walls of the vessels),
  • Obesity,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Smoke (smoking damages the blood vessels by narrowing the arteries),
  • Cholesterol (increases the likelihood of fat deposits on the vascular walls).
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Hypertension risk factors

Blood vessels are the highways where blood flows and have the function of bringing this precious substance throughout the body to feed it and supply it with the energy necessary for its subsistence. Normally, vessels are subject to constant work and must endure the power with which the heart pumps blood for the entire circulatory system.

If the blood pressure is too high for a long time, the vessels slowly begin to be damaged and their structure is put at risk. The first problem is that the interior wall of the vessel stiffens, narrows its volume and becomes less flexible by causing atherosclerosis where the blood makes it difficult to circulate properly. In addition, at the point where the shrinkage occurred, it increases the likelihood of blood clots (called thrombi) and causing serious problems to the patient. In the worst case, the area where the affected area is the brain or the heart causing a heart attack.

Hypertension tends to put the heart under stress. In fact, even this muscle needs the right supply of nutrients, but if the coronary arteries narrows the blood does not arrive in the right amount. In these cases, when the physicist requires additional effort, it is likely to have chest pain.

If hypertension is not cured for years, the heart will have to work harder, with time getting weakened and its performance decreasing.

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Care of hypertension

Although it is a very common disease, the situation is not dramatic since hypertension can be easily diagnosed.

It is enough for a first check to go to your pharmacy or your own basic physician to measure the pressure. If we notice values ​​outside of the norm, before over-alarming and getting even more pressure, it is useful to repeat the measurement other times over a few days to see if it is an isolated phenomenon related to some temporary cause.

If the values ​​are high it is advisable to contact your doctor for a careful visit but it is not said that you need to start a pharmacology cure right away. Indeed, it is often enough to change their lifestyle to make significant improvements to the value of pressure and health in its entirety.

If the problem is in an advanced stage, your doctor may opt for a pharmacological treatment to keep the situation under control and bring the values ​​back to normal. It has been shown that treatment with hypertension drugs can lower the risk of stroke by 40%.

Prevention and early diagnosis of hypertension

Recall that the best care is always prevention and early diagnosis. Prevention is meant to follow a balanced lifestyle with proper physical activity daily and have a healthy and balanced diet to keep weight under control and not ingest excessive amounts of substances that can alter the pressure.

Early diagnosis is intended to detect hypertension as soon as possible through periodic checks even though we do not have any specific symptoms. Recall that hypertension, especially in the early stages, is asymptomatic and we run the risk of being too late to be affected.