John Torode Astounds This Morning Viewers with His Cooking Tip

TV chef and presenter John Torode astonished daytime television viewers recently by suggesting an unusual use for one of the most common household appliances.

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The Australian TV favourite, who is best known in this country as the host and judge of popular cookery show Master Chef, suggested cooking a whole salmon not in the oven or microwave but in your dishwasher.

Appearing on ITV’s weekday round-up programme This Morning, the Aussie chef stunned presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford – plus thousands of viewers at home – during a discussion on alternative uses for a dishwasher.

Washing Clothes

Aside from the usual function of washing dishes, viewers had already been shown how a dishwasher such as the Sammic X-80 X-TRA Dishwasher can be used for cleaning items of clothing such as shoes as well as the more obvious use of cleaning cutlery and crockery.

Enter chef Torode, who then commented how, after being wrapped in buttered tinfoil and placed on the top shelf, a whole salmon could be ready to eat after a two-hour session in any normal dishwasher.

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According to the BBC, a whole salmon usually takes around an hour in a conventional oven – so the dishwasher method is perhaps best reserved for the ones which are too large to fit through the oven door.

A Surprising Solution

John Torode pointed out how many household ovens were not big enough to accommodate a large salmon – especially a big one being prepared for a special occasion, such as Christmas – and most people do not have a sizeable enough pot in which to cook the fish either. The solution, he said, was surprising but nonetheless effective.

To prove his point, the chef appeared on the following day’s show to give a practical demonstration of his unorthodox cooking method. In order to show that the fish was indeed cooked to perfection, the This Morning hosts proceeded to taste the salmon live on air.

Should you wish to try out this unusual cooking method – or any of the other tips on the show – you may want to use the Sammic X-80 X-TRA Dishwasher.

Remember to thoroughly wrap your salmon in tinfoil which has been buttered first (so it will peel off the fish easily), and make sure your dishwasher has been properly cleaned beforehand.