The rules for perfect skin

The Decalogue to have a beautiful skin? Here we have tips for you: it is essential to give the skin personalized care, adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced way. So remember to also follow healthy diet!

If you suffer from specific problems such as pimples, blemishes, redness, irritation and allergies, talk always and immediately to the dermatologist because it is very important that it is made an accurate diagnosis and suggested a specific therapy. Never rely on yourself, what you read in the newspapers or you have advised her friends and you could face serious trouble, sometimes irremediable!

Clearly the best care for your skin is personalized because the state of your face’s skin depends on genetic factors, from your health, from power and the environment : if you can not avail yourself of a dermatologist, can help staff of centers cosmetic or perfume, as long as they have a good experience and professionalism.

We provide general guidance that then “personalization”, choosing, for the same active ingredients, creams and substances better suited to your specific needs (texture, color, fragrance, and price).

The cleaning, the hydration and photo protection are the basic care for and keep young and beautiful skin of your face.

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First of all the cleaning: never forget the night before going to bed! Beyond the make-up, which is always good to remove it before going to sleep, you can check by itself as “dirty” is deposited on your face. Remove it is essential, both for reasons of hygiene and because the skin must be clean because it can accommodate and benefit from any kind of treatment. As part of a deep cleaning that removes the superficial horny layer of the skin, once a month or more if you need it, perform an exfoliation with products suited to your skin type. Clearly the stronger peels must be carried out in specific cases (asphyxiated skin, spots, acne scars) by experts: do not try for themselves in order not to irritate even very serious!

perfect skin
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The clean lines following hydration, which as you know depends on many factors: your nutrition, lifestyle, the environment you live in, how much and how you tricks.

For the age group under 30 years may be sufficient hydration and prevention today can be used based on natural fatty acid creams closer in structure to the components of the skin, give good results in preserving the integrity.

For the age group 30-60 years is necessary to intense hydration with stronger products and slower absorption. For very dry skin with visible signs of age, the bio-revitalization is now a very effective solution for some months very rejuvenates the skin, but it must be performed by a dermatologist.

For all ages and for all, never forget the photo protection: the sun is the number one enemy of the skin because it dehydrates you, makes you age spots and wrinkles and can also cause rashes and allergies. Today most of the moisturizers to makeup products contain photo protective components, but always check to be sure!