2017’s denim trends for men

Denim is one of fashion’s biggest staple items. It has been in trend for decades, but the popular styles and colours change every year. Once upon a time, the biggest trend was low-rise jeans; now, they are sold in very few stores – and even skinny jeans are declining in popularity.

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Here are some of the biggest 2017 denim trends for men.

Baggy jeans are in

Over the last five years, skinny jeans have been the most popular style; while they are still flattering and comfortable, they are no longer fashionable. According to GQ baggy pants are back in style; therefore, it is time to swap your skinnies for something with a little more room.

We are not talking jeans so baggy that you are nearly falling over – just a wider leg that has a more mature, comfortable feel. The look is sophisticated and mature, not to be mistaken with the ‘dad’ style.

Go light

2017 sees the return of light denim for both jeans and shirts. Most jean designers are now producing a large range of light-washed jeans and shirts with a relaxed, summery vibe. You can choose from a large range of light shades, from nearly white denim to a warm light blue.

While this look works well with both jeans and shirts, you should go for a light shirt if you are unsure about the style. This can easily be styled with darker jeans or chinos. If you want to buy high-quality denim mens Farah shirts, check out stockists such as http://ejmenswear.com/brands/farah.

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Check the hem

When it comes to jeans, 2017 is also about frayed hems. Sewed hems are out of style and designers are now gently fraying the bottoms of jeans to create a relaxed, casual look. This trend may seem small, but it can completely transform the look of a pair of jeans.

If you buy a pair of frayed jeans, make sure that you try them on first. Ideally the jeans will be slightly cropped so that you can see the hem; if they are slightly too long, they will just look messy and the frays will quickly become dirty!

It is important to note that frayed hems should not be worn on shirts, as this will just make your outfit look messy and overly-experimental. This look is exclusively for jeans!