How playing football can help your child’s development

Football is not only the ‘beautiful game’ of choice for British sports fans but also a fantastic source of fitness, life lessons and wellbeing for children. Did you know that there are multiple benefits to playing football that will greatly enhance their development?

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Life skills

As a team sport, football teaches lessons of dependence, teamwork, communication, commitment and more. The lessons taught by team sports will pay off in all areas of life, helping children to learn about their role in a team and understand the skills and abilities that help a team to achieve success.

Physical fitness

Football requires speed, strength and agility. It is a fun way for children to get the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy, especially in a culture in which children are simply not getting enough physical movement and are becoming overweight and unfit.

Just an hour a day of football will get their hearts pumping, their bodies moving, and provide muscle strengthening, co-ordination and cardiovascular gains – all without them even noticing that they are exercising. To get them prepared, kit them up properly. You can buy a choice of football sports clothing, including Adidas football kits, from suppliers such as

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Like it or not, life can be competitive, and football teaches children that success does not fall at your feet. Through training, discipline and hard work, they will learn about the value of effort, motivation and commitment when it comes to achieving their goals. They will also learn that success is not guaranteed and that sometimes you will lose to a better team, even when you have given it your all. This helps to develop resilience and ‘grit’, which are vital skills for travelling through life successfully.

New friends

Football is a social sport and a great way to enable children to make new friends that might be outside their usual school friendship groups. This builds up new relationships and broadens their social circle, with plenty of attendant social development benefits.

Family benefits

Football can also bring families together. Parents and siblings can play alongside children, and those who do not enjoy playing can still get involved by cheering on from the sidelines! This is a great way to enjoy family time together.

Get those football boots on and sign your child up today!

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