7 more ways to look younger

Do you want to beat the clock, when it comes to your appearance? There are lots of options for anyone who wants to look younger than the number of birthdays they have celebrated, without using expensive creams, or surgery.

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Following the seven basic steps to looking younger, (sleeping well, avoiding cigarettes, using sunscreen, taking care of your teeth, eating a balanced diet and taking regular exercise), it is time to move on to phase two and put seven more strategies into place.

Keep your head up

The dramatic rise in mobile phone use to text and browse online means more time spent looking down at a screen. Doing this a lot creates permanent lines on your neck. Make a conscious effort to keep your head raised and the phone at eye level.

Indulge delicate skin

Your neck and hands are both clear indicators of age, as their thinner skin is more fragile. Be dedicated to your morning and evening skin care and moisturise well, and also use a good quality hand cream several times a day.

Focus on protein

Protein builds strong hair, reducing the risk of thinning. Make sure your daily diet includes milk or dairy products, and meat and fish, especially the oily type.

Eat green veg

Broccoli, spinach, lettuce or any dark and leafy green vegetables help keep teeth clean and also boost skin tone and condition.

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Manage stress

Stress can be devastating to looks, triggering skin problems as well as upsetting healthy eating plans and sleep patterns. A balanced life is essential for youthful skin, so make time for friends and fun social activities, or practice something relaxing, like meditation or yoga, to help manage this issue.

Whiten your teeth

It may be surprising, but research shows that people with whiter teeth have advantages over others. Modern techniques make this an easy and affordable way to look young and healthy. This procedure is available from clinics nationwide, for example, for those in Cardiff teeth whitening is offered by http://cathedraldentalclinic.com/cosmetic-dentistry-cardiff/teeth-whitening-cardiff/.

Banish sugar

Apart from damaging teeth and adding zero nutritional value to your diet, sugar is also thought to trigger a biological process which ages skin faster than normal.

There is no need to pursue drastic solutions to delay the ageing process, when simple lifestyle changes can produce real results.

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