How to Stop Stomach Cramps at Home

Stomach cramps are things that do manage to appear quite often after you have a complex dinner with too many types of food. This is why it’s imperative to make sure that you know how to stop stomach cramps, as this will help you quite a lot.

There are multiple reasons in regards to why this type of cramps actually appears. Sometimes this can be caused by the kidneys, the appendix, the spleen, aorta or your belly, it’s hard to determine exactly. Stomach cramps can also be created by the menstrual cycle in the case of women, so as you can see the are a ton of causes for this particular problem. In this article we are going to focus on some of the best ways to stop these stomach cramps at home.

Breathing exercises and relaxation

A good way for those wondering how to stop stomach cramps at home is to perform breathing exercises as often as possible, since this will help you lose focus on the pain that you currently have, with the main focus being on relaxing yourself. The method is particularly efficient in the case of those cramps that aren’t hurting that much and whose effect can be overlooked. Siting in the recliner and focusing on your breathing is also a very good idea, and it’s actually recommended that you use a shallow breathing rate and then accelerate it for a little bit, as time passes.

Resting on your own and just losing focus on the other things is more than important, instead try to think about yourself and the things you need to do. This does a great job in losing attention on the stomach cramps, and you will definitely be able to appreciate the results at all times!

Use fluids and food

One of the main issues causing stomach cramps is the fact that you overload it with a lot of food types that just add to the digestive burden. You need to keep things as simple as possible, as this is the best way to make sure that these cramps will not come back or continue. Moreover, make sure that, if you do vomit, you don’t intake any food for at least 6 hours, as this will allow your body to regenerate and regroup.

Complex drinks, caffeinated ones or alcohol based stuff should be on the negative list, as these do cause a lot of pressure in your stomach and, as such, you need to avoid them at all costs if you want astounding results in the end. Eating solid food when you already have stomach cramps is a very bad idea, so try to make sure that you avoid such food completely. Acidic foods and fast foods need to be avoided in this regard, and instead focus on eating something that has no grease at all. Fruits and veggies are a very good idea here. The more you focus on having a healthy diet, the better the results will be, so try to make sure that you keep your stomach healthy and you are bound to like the results.


When you have stomach cramps, then a very good idea is to exercise. This type of activity allows you to perform cramp relief and it also helps you maintain in shape as well, so you basically get 2 birds with one stone. Aided by a simple exercise such a walking you will be able to feel much better, but try to make sure that you stay near a bathroom though, as sometimes these cramps might make you pay it a visit.

If you have stomach cramps, then the last thing you want to do is to exercise the stomach muscles. Avoid performing things such as abdominal exercises because this just generates an intense pain, one that is simply way too hard to avoid. Instead, a very good idea is to perform yoga, as this relieves the pressure from your body. With multiple yoga poses, you have a wide range of ways that can be used in order to stop the cramps at home, so you will like the results for sure. Lastly, try to keep warm by wearing appropriate clothing for the season. This is imperative and it will help you a lot in the long run.

Home remedies

There are numerous home remedies that people use when they have stomach cramps,and one of the most popular is to place a heated bag, a water bottle or a heating pad on the stomach. This does bring a relief, albeit temporary, and it does allow you to relax. Moreover, you should try to lie down for a couple of minutes and then relax. Just by closing your eyes and relaxing with a moist washcloth on your head you will have a great idea and way to relieve the pressure. While doing this, a very good idea is to breathe slowly, as this encourages relaxation and stops or at least alleviates the stomach cramps.

Since cramps are created by gas accumulated in your stomach most of the time, it’s a very good idea to pass gas sometimes, as this will bring you a good way to lose the pressure inside your body and loosen the overall stomach cramps that you are currently experiencing.

Entering a warm bath is a great example in regards to the way you can lose the pressure created by the stomach cramps. Lastly, you can also try to use various types of medication as well, but not all of these are recommended so you do need to take them with a grain of salt.

As you can see, with multiple methods out there, it can be hard to determine the best solution for you. This is why you need to make sure that you choose only the best method that suits your body. With enough care and commitment, you will definitely be able to select the best method for you, just experiment all of the above!