How to Care for Dry Skin on the Face

Lack of natural moisture, heat sensation, itching and scaling in some regions of the face. These are some of the manifestations of dry skin on the face. This type of skin suffers the lack of water and fat as the sebaceous glands of the skin produce less sebum and thus, the left most vulnerable. To achieve that dry skin is kept hydrated and looking good is necessary to implement a series of specific care.

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  1. Although it appears that dry skin needs less attention than other skin types such as oily skin or mixed, we know that also requires deep hydration to maintain its radiance and elasticity. Also, external factors such as the sun, pollution, the wind, etc. They affect it in a particular way causing the skin to become rougher and even causing the appearance of scaling areas and the formation of premature wrinkles. To avoid this, you need to follow a very simple care routine that will help you look flawless and radiant complexion.


  1. Skin cleansing. To take good care of the dry skin of the face, clean skin with gentle products containing moisturizing properties. Anti Sequedad milk cleaners or cleaner’s oils are ideal to prevent the feeling of tightness in the face. Avoid in any case the soaps that offer a more aggressive cleaning and dry the skin.
  1. Then, lightens the skin of the face with warm water and apply astringent tonic free of alcohol and soft, just as the cleansing milk does not dry out the skin.
  1. Moisturize the skin. Dry skin, producing less natural fat needs extra hydration to stay healthy and young. Choose a moisturizer to preserve the natural moisture of the skin, try to be specific for dry skin and contains sunscreen. Also, you can try to apply on face some oil rose hips, ideal to moisturize the skin without oiling. It is a product that works great care shriveled and dull skin.
  1. The natural nourishing masks with egg and honey, yogurt, avocado and olive oil are ideal for nourishing and moisturizing dry skin of the face. Apply masks to clean skin once a week and let it act for about 20 minutes.
  1. Other factors you should consider to care for the dry skin of the face is not to use cosmetic products with alcohol and choose foundations that are fluid, rather than compact that dries the skin. Avoid as much as possible excessive exposure to the sun and protect your skin with a relatively high protection factor. See the article Makeup Tips for dry skin and discover which products are best suited for you.
  1. Being well hydrated inside is also essential in the care of dry skin. Drink the amount enough to make your skin healthier and look amazing water. For more tips visit