Meditate Away Your Headache

1. Find a comfortable position – lying down or sitting either on the floor or in a straight-backed chair. If sitting, keep your back straight without being rigid and let your hands rest in your lap. If your feet don’t reach the floor, place a stool or books beneath them so that they rest on a firm surface.

2. Scan your body for tension from head to toe and relax your muscles. Unknit your eyebrows and unclench your jaw. Release your shoulders, arms, and belly. Let your spine lengthen, without becoming rigid, and pull your chin gently inward. Let your pelvis sink into the chair or ground.

3. Be aware of the sensation of your body touching the earth (or firm surface).

4. Close your eyes if you feel it’s more comfortable.

5. Focus your mind on your breath as you inhale naturally. Breathe through your nose if you can. Feel the breath fill your chest and then your belly. Keep focused on the breath as you exhale, feeling it leave your belly and your chest. Alternatively, you can focus on the sensation of breath enteering and leaving your nostrils.

6. Keep your eyes directed toward the end of your nose.

7. Keep your mind focused on your breath (or a word. Any simple, ositive word or name will suffice.)

8. When thought cross your mind, gently note them, let them pass, and return to the breath.

9. Continue for fifteen minutes. It’s okay to check the clock every so often.

10. Sit quietly for a few minutes.