When taking vitamin supplements

If we decide to take vitamin supplements it is useful to know what are the advantages and disadvantages they have and how they can affect our health.

What is a dietary supplement?

Although usually appear in formats capsules, pills or syrups are not drugs. That does not mean that fix disorders of the body, but in essence, are nutrients or micronutrients that are taken following these formulations to supplement the daily diet.

Food supplements

A healthy person with adequate caloric intake and a variety of food products acceptable should take vitamin supplements only in very specific circumstances. And always following the advice of a professional and for a short time. Treatment should not last more than 3 or 4 months.

vitamin supplement
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Although among athletes and fans are quite popular bodybuilding those made with protein to gain muscle mass, the most popular are the multivitamins. These sometimes combined with a combination of various minerals.

They are available in drugstores, health food shops and even in ordinary supermarkets and in the West, there is a propensity to abuse them considering them essentially “good”.

Of course, you should not stop taking the right multivitamin supplement if the doctor has detected any deficiency in a specific micronutrient and is recommended in certain circumstances, but must not consume indiscriminately.

Contrary to popular belief, excess vitamins, minerals, proteins and, of course, fat, are harmful to our bodies. And almost all poisoning cases occur in people interested (if not engaged) to complements of this type. It is very strange a detrimental box by a high vitamin intake when these are removed and taken from food.

When taking vitamin supplements

We must try NOT to give this type of preparation to children who do not eat or are listless unless prescribed by a pediatrician.

However it is recommended:

  • In older people when they are very devitalized and depressed. We must be cautious if any renal, or chronic liver disease.
  • In changing seasons or time to combat fatigue spring and fall listlessly.
  • In times of excessive stress, intense intellectual work, exams, important tests, exams or serious problems.
  • Care must be taken to specific vitamin supplements for teens, as some of these preparations have caffeine and other stimulants or highly addictive products.
  • If you are going to undergo a process of assisted fertilization or you’re thinking about getting pregnant. Essential to a good supply of folic acid.
  • As an adjunct minor psychiatric treatment when moderate depression, fatigue, apathy or reluctance.
  • In the different diets to lose weight or lose weight.
  • When any intervention or major medical treatment is expected.

There are specific supplements for specific ailments or problems to the skin, hair fragility, to regain strength, to lift the spirits, in processes of gestation or reluctance.

Are vitamin supplements harmful?

Like everything about the human body, it all depends on the dose and specific micronutrient. Some, but huge amounts are taken, they manage to be excreted by the body and fail to produce damage. Others, when eaten in excess, can even cause serious ailments.

Ideally, do not contain lactose, gluten or any chemical additives. Impossible to make this happen by taking the right foods!