Heavy sweating to burn fat, is it true that work?

In this article, we see that there really sweating as much to burn fat as there are people who believe that to lose weight you just have to sweat.

Sweat a lot and burn fat

Indeed, if you think jogging in heavy clothing or supposedly special sweatshirts (often nylon or rubber) will burn fat and soon reduced size, it is wrong because the only thing being accomplished is exhausted faster, have some kind of problem related to dehydration, feeling fatal, and the worst of it is that pays maybe not enough to start burning fat time.

When a person exercises, the first thing you lose is fluid through sweat. Then, as the pace quickens and extends the exercise gradually begin to burn fat and sugars. This cannot be achieved within 15 minutes from any routine.

Heavy sweating
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Is there anything that works to burn fat?

What actually allow you to burn fat is exercise in itself, perseverance and discipline with which they perform. That is, each time you make any effort it will mean the body energy expenditure, for which uses all the energy he has, including fats and carbohydrates are.

When bulky abdomen or we a sedentary lifestyle is obviously easier than these accumulate and store fat, appearing annoying love handles. It is important to know that not sweat more will burn fat (calories) and therefore lose weight faster.

Precautions if you are going to sweat a lot

In addition, an aspect that occurs when the body does not have enough ventilation is irritation and itchy skin, because all the salts become dislodged through sweating are very abrasive. That is why good instructor does not recommend any bands, or creams, or sweatshirts nylon or plastic, which are offered as a wonder, but cause unnecessary suffering.

To exercise outdoors better use any clothing that is comfortable and loose, and note the weather, because if it’s hot, a T-shirt and pants will be sufficient to achieve the energy expenditure necessary to enable, within a reasonable time , begin to feel lost kilos and sizes, or how to strengthen your muscles, without necessarily losing weight.

If it is cold obviously more warm clothing to protect them from low temperatures, which might cause I resfriarlo or muscle pain is recommended.

Hydrate is important

One more recommendation given by the instructors of sports is to drink water to rehydrate after some exercise. No re-hydration drinks that are advertised on television are necessary, because they are actually designed for high performance athletes or endurance background as a marathon runner, sports sessions, which can last for hours, so you lose a lot of minerals.

However, for those who just walk outside, or running between 20 to 30 minutes, or make a modest aerobic activity (either with intent to burn fat or not), no need to recover many mineral salts, hence if consumed calls sports drinks, all it will do is accumulate salts, so it is recommended only take plain or fruit with little or no sugar water.