best metabolism

Tricks to activate the best metabolism  

One of the causes why it is difficult to lose weight and the body feels tired and without energy is very likely to be in the slowness of best metabolism. Although it can be affected by various factors over which the body has less control (age, sex or hormones), it is also possible to stimulate it […]

Wellness and spa


Wellness and Spa industries are recording a growing trend from year to year. The growing tendency of these markets comes as a result of a shift in the attitudes of the population, which is now oriented towards improving the health and quality of life, which is manifested through the use of the services of these […]

healthy life

Ways to have a healthy life

Leading a healthy life is a practice that all people should consider. Caring for ourselves repeatedly and making energetic days more than those we do not feel like doing anything is a unique way of keeping us happy and eager to do new things.

masks for dry skin

How to make homemade masks for dry skin

The dry skin, due to the lack of natural moisture, may have a dull and inelastic. In addition, it tends to crack and suffer from the effects of the passage of time and the appearance of premature wrinkles. A great way to keep dry skin well hydrated is by taking advantage of the benefits offered […]


10 natural remedies against cystitis

There are many women suffering from cystitis. Situations like pregnancy or inadequate nutrition are just two of many causes. In this article we propose some natural remedies to prevent and treat cystitis effectively and quickly without having to resort to traditional medications. The cystitis is in the form occasional or recurring. The latter is the most difficult to eliminate because it presents a […]

STIs develop resistance to antimicrobial treatments

A recent report in the Guardian highlighted the increasing problem of antibiotic resistance and the fact that this is now affecting treatments for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Image Credit Super-gonorrhoea The Guardian reported that the UK was the first place in the world to have someone diagnosed with a type of gonorrhoea that is resistant […]

What to Expect When Visiting a Sexual Health Clinic

STIs, or sexually transmitted infections, are an increasing problem. It is important with any STI to seek treatment as soon as possible before the infection creates long-term damage such as sterility, which can be almost impossible to reverse. STIs can happen to anyone, so if in doubt get to a clinic for testing. Image Credit […]